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Wednesday 17 August 2016

Energetic Stage Presence by ROADBOYZ with a Promise to Visit Malaysia Again

ROADBOYZ, KPOP rookie group debuted last year under Coconut Entertainment finally here in Malaysia for their very first showcase brought to you by I Creative Event. Happening in Amcorp Mall on 13th August 2016 and Sungei Wang Plaza on 14th August 2016, ROADBOYZ kick started the showcase with the opening song that is also the track from their mini album, “Show Me Bang Bang”.

The ment started soon after the individual introduction. The emcee, asked what the boys would do to show their love to their fans or to impress them and three of them come up with an impressive popping dance by Hwan and ZBell while Maca beat-boxing. Myoha says that he have a very strong waist and he started to do limbo-like action by bending almost half of his body down the stage floor! Haneul can’t think of any unique idea so he end up doing “Sha Sha Shhaaa” dance (Something similar to gwiyomi dance). Any KPOP Idol will not skip on trying out our local Malaysian food and drink. They were ask about their favourite food. They manage to name a few and they love it all. 

ROADBOYZ then continued the showcase with “Be My Love” for both day and they mesmerize the fans with the performance of “Venus”. Next up is the game segment and ROADBOYZ is on a hunt mission to choose five lucky fans to join them on stage. They were down the stage to invite the lucky fans themselves.

The youngest member, ZBell even went way back to the crowd behind to choose the lucky fans. Haneul chooses a cute little girl to join them and she were accompanied by her mother on stage for the 1st day. They played guessing game where the boys need to act and the fans need to guess the action.

On the 2nd day, both Maca and Haneul choose two cute boy and girl for the game session while the other three members chooses the lucky fans among the Dance competition contestants. It’s a dance battle where the boys teaches the fans some of their dance step for their songs. The show continues with an energetic dance cover performance of BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang” and TVXQ’s “Mirotic”.

Later on they continued with the ment where ROADBOYZ were asked their ideal type and Maca come up with a chessy answer, “All ladies are my ideal type”. Meanwhile, Zbell says he like a girl with a cute smile and Haneul likes a girl with a mother-like character.

On the 2nd day, they were asked about special day to celebrate and ZBell answered, “Maca’s Birthday!” followed by a surprise birthday celebration by the fans. It has come to the end as “Shake It, Shake it” is the final song for both showcases. ROADBOYZ appeared again for the Photo Session with fans and wrapped up the showcase with an autograph session soon after.

KloseUP would like to thank I Creative Event for the invitation.

Event: ROADBOYZ First Showcase in Malaysia 2016
Date: 13th & 14th August 2016, 3.00pm
Venue: Amcorp Mall & Sungei Wang Plaza
Organizer: I Creative Event
Written by : Aisy
Photo by : Aisy


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