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Friday 21 December 2018

BTOB showcase their chemistry with Melody in Malaysia as the last stop for BTOB’s group overseas activity for 2018

BTOB which stands for ‘Born To Beat’, a 7 membered South Korea boy group are finally here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for their very first fanmeeting ‘BTOB in Malaysia 2018’ happening at MySpace Ballroom at Mitec Level 3 on 16th December 2018. Brought to you by iMiniTV, managed by WE Entertainment and emceed by Hani from ERA, it is a splendid event as Melodies (BTOB fanclub name) filled every corner of the hall to witness the so called last group activity outside Korea by BTOB tonight as Minhyuk and Changsub are scheduled to join the army as well early next year following Eunkwang. It’s a beautiful night as BTOB’s lightstick shine bright filling the venue atmosphere with an oceanic blue shades and very loud fanchant by Melodies. 

They kick start the show at 5:15PM with and introduction VCR and followed by the performance of ‘Missing You (그리워하다)’. The boys perform in blueish complete suits and greeted fans in multi languages includes Korean, English and Bahasa. Some of the phases they use are ‘Apa Khabar’ and ‘Terima Kasih’ in the beginning of the introduction. They were quite happy on how hot Malaysia is as it is winter season now in Korea and Peniel was happy that he can wear short pants here in Malaysia. They are grateful and thankful to fans who have been waiting for them since early morning and they said that they misses Malaysia as they have been here for four times but this is the first solo fanmeeting of their own in Malaysia. Ilhoon added, “Even without Eunkwang here we will still have fun today right Melodies?!”. Next up is ‘Friend’. BTOB dedicated this song for Eunkwang and followed by ‘Only One for Me (너 없인 안 된다)’. The air filled with harmonize voices as Melodies sings along with them too. 

In the next segment, Hani appeared as the emcee for the game session and before they started she taught BTOB a few Malay Slang but instead of just the ordinary "Saya cinta padamu" or "Lah", Hani taught the boys some other Malay slangs such as "Lek Lu" (calm down), "Saya Lapar Gilerrr", "Ahhh stress, cepat sikit!" as well as "Sayangggg~ awak". The audiences were impressed by the accuracy of their pronunciation as well. The first game session is Melody’s Wish as fans get the chance to write down their wishes on the whiteboard outside of the venue before the event. During this session, each member picked one wish and granted it. Among the wishes made by fans were; dance battle between Changsub and Sungjae, requesting Hyunsik to sing a verse from Frank Sinata's Moonwalk, singing to BTOB member (Peniel) and etc. Fans burst into laughter when Sungjae got a little impatience while waiting for the other members to choose the fans' wishes. He jokingly asked them to hurry up in Malay language (Cepat sikit!). At the end of this session Sungjae said “I felt like I become a Genie after granting the wishes”. Next was the giveaway session. BTOB choosing lucky fans from the random box and the lucky fans gets a secret gift each at the end of the event. 

As they move on with the event, the next performance was ‘괜찮아요 (It’s Okay)’ and ‘제발 (Please)’. We are back with the game segment as soon as the performance for these two songs ended. Next game session was guessing songs title after listening to one second of song introduction cuts & guessing the songs title after listening to one syllable sang by BTOB. It was a tough competition between BTOB and Melodies as BTOB members also took part in guessing. BTOB showed no sign of mercy when they tried hard to guess the songs as well! Hyunsik starts a guessing by just listening to the breath sound and he added “I heard it! I heard my breath sound in the beginning of the song!”. Sungjae goofs around by demanding for the prize (signed album) when he managed to guess a song correctly. 

They proceed with the next song ‘Movie’ and ‘신바람 (Blowin' Up)’ and this marks the event is almost come to the end. The boys are having another ment break and each of every one of them gives their closing ment one by one. Changsub said “We are sad because it’s the end already but we promise to come back as a whole with Eunkwang in the future”. Minhyuk added “I am so happy today. Even though it’s been a while since we are not seeing each other, we will try to improve from time to time and we will see each other again with a better us in the future. Everyone I love you! Thank you!” We have come to the final stage of the show as they perform their very last song with their latest hit, ‘아름답고도 아프구나 (Beautiful Pain)’. The boys then disappear from the stage and instead of shouting for encore the fans sing a verse of BTOB song. 

BTOB appear once again for the encore stage as the final stage for tonight’s show with ‘Finale: Our Concert (우리들의 콘서트)’. They wrap the show by 7:15PM with goodbye session and group photo session that took place right after the encore. 

KloseUP would like to thank iMiniTV and WE Entertainment for the invitation to BTOB in Malaysia 2018.

Event: BTOB in Malaysia 2018 
Date: 16th December 2018, 5.00pm
Venue: MySpace Ballroom, Mitec Level 3
Organizer: WE Entertainment
Written by : Aisy
Photo by : Organizer

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