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Sunday 8 September 2013

12 Wolves of EXO Heats Up The MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013

After much anticipation, MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 finally took place at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon with over 15,000 fans gathered for the annual concert despite the drizzling rain that lasts for hours. Hosted by MTV Asia's VJ Hanli and VJ Alan (featuring the lucky chosen insider of the event, Matthew), the concert started around 7.20PM. The hashtag trend made MTV Asia to come up with an idea on where the attendees of the concert should post pictures, statuses, etc. regarding of the concert with #worldstagemy. With over 83,000 mentions on the much-anticipated concert across social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, the evening was filled with fun, exciting and cool performers!

First up, Malaysian’s very own rapper-songwriter, Joe Flizzow and his crew delivered energetic performance through "IllerIller", followed with a duet with fellow Kartel Records labelmate, Ila Damiaa for "Untukmu". He even introduced his new song, "Havoc" by performing it exclusively for the first time at the MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia! The song was a collaboration song between him and fellow Malaysian Hip-Hop artistes, SonaOne and Altimet. Joe Flizzow even performed "All Around My World" and "Who Do It Better".

Next up, it was the most anticipated performer of the night! It was none other than the 12 members group, EXO. EXO, which consists of sub-units of EXO-M and EXO-K, astounded the concertgoers and hyped up the overall stage with their cool dance moves! The crowd was captivated with their energetic performances as the crazy fans of EXO were screaming out loud throughout each songs! EXO, which consists of members Kris, Suho, Xiumin, Luhan, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Tao, Kai & Sehun, expressed their feelings by saying that they were glad to come to Malaysia once again as the fans welcomed these charming boys with opened arms.

With numerous "newcomer" awards have this group grabbed, they performed the #1 hit song, "Wolf" as well as "History", "3.6.5" and their latest single, "Growl". The crowd 'howled' in delight as the EXO members expressed their gratitude to their beloved fans through interactions between both of them, bit by bit, here and there.

The party continued with the hottest Asian-American Electro Hip-Hop group, Far East Movement which stole the crowd with their twelve-song medley performance! The group, which conquered the Billboard Hot 100 with their #1 hit songs, performed "Ain’t Coming Down X Wild Things", "Like A G6", "Illest", "So What", "If I Was You (OMG)", "Jello", "Change Your Life", "Get Up (Rattle)", "Rocketeer" and "Live My Life". The enthusiastic fans of this 4-membered group sang along to "Rocketeer", which have been remixed with Alicia Keys’ "No One". 

This wasn’t the first time for the group which consists of Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif and DJ Virman to perform in Malaysia. The highlight of their stage was definitely at the end where Prohgress threw himself into the crowd that makes it into an unforgettable moment to their fans.

For the extravagant finale, the crowd was treated with a memorable night when Robin Thicke appeared on the stage, accompanied with his sexy female background singers and dancers. He delivered a total of 9 songs which are "Give It 2 You", "Take It Easy On Me", "Feel Good", "Oh Shooter", "Lost Without U", "Shaking It For Daddy", "Blurred Lines" "Dreamworld" and marked the end of the night through "Clique"with explosive firework!

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 by MTV Asia wrapped up successfully and gave the audiences an unforgettable night filled with hottest stars, good music and exciting, fun-filled performances!

Event: MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013
Date: 8th September 2013 , 7pm
Venue: Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon
Organizer: MTV Asia
Written by: Ain
Photo by: Aisy


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