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Thursday 27 June 2013

CUBE Entertainment's Artistes Set Up 'Fire' On The Stage of AIA K-Pop Live In KL

To celebrate the company’s 65th anniversary, AIA Bhd. organised a Korean Pop concert, AIA K-Pop Live In KL with tagline of “Be Real. Love it. Live it” for its dedicated employees as well as loyal life insurance holders on 27th June 2013! The concert was originally to be held exclusively for AIA employees and customers but due to high demand from the fast-growing population of Korean Pop fans in Malaysia, the ticket sales were conducted online and offline. The line-up was comprised of CUBE Entertainment’s artistes which are G.NA, 4minute and BEAST.

The night kicked off with solo singer, G.NA performing tracks such as “Supa Solo”, “2HOT”, “Banana”, “First Kiss”, “Black & White”, “I’ll Leave So You Can Leave Better ft BEAST’s Junhyung (English Version)” as well as some English songs covers of Rihanna’s “Take A Bow” and “Rude Boy”.  “2HOT” made the stadium feels ‘hotter’ as she performed the sexy choreography on the stage while collaboration stage of G.NA & lead rapper of BEAST, Junhyung received hot responses from the crowds as most of them were B2UTYs (BEAST’s fans)!

Next up, 4minute who dressed up in funky and colourful clothes, appeared from the elevating stage with their latest hit single, “What’s Your Name”. The 5-members girl group also performed “Mirror, Mirror”, “I’m OK”, “HUH”, “Muzik”, “Pretend” and “Heart To Heart”. The concertgoers were lucky as the girls gave a spoiler as they sang to their follow-up track of “What’s Your Name” which is a single that would heat up the summer, “Is It Poppin?”. Finally, 4minute wrapped up their stage with “Hot Issue”.

The last act to perform was BEAST. The VCR was shown at first and the crowds literally went crazy! Huge responses that were received that night were enough to make the whole crowds get goosebumps! Most B2UTYs, as of what BEAST fans called as, held up their grey, rose lightsticks as the boys rocked out the stage with “Beautiful Night”. Followed up by “Bad Girl”, Shock”, “Special”, “Fiction”, “Rainy Days” and “I Knew It”. Some fans were very lucky to get close-up with some of the members as Yoseob and Gikwang went down from the stage! The boys even expressed out their hope on having their solo concert of “Beautiful Show” to be held here in Malaysia. The concertgoers were once again lucky enough to be among the first ones to watch BEAST performing their just-released single, “Will You Be Alright?” in live for the first time ever! They continued to excite the crowds with “Freeze”, “Beautiful” and ended with an encore of “VIU” where the boys showed the ‘real’ way of having fun on the stage as they splashed water to the fans as well as each other.

AIA K-Pop Live In KL ended with the crowds leaving with smiles on their faces.

Event: AIA Kpop Concert in Kuala Lumpur
Date: 27th June 2013 , 8pm
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil
Organizer: AIA Bhd.
Written by: Amira Hasni
Photo by: Aisy


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