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Saturday 18 May 2013

TVXQ Are Back After 6 Years for Catch Me Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur

TVXQ were here again in Malaysia, brought to you by JPM Music. Malaysian Cassiopeia have waited for 6 years and we received a lot of positive responses as the night was worth the wait. TVXQ Catch Me Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur started sharp at 6pm but before that Malaysia local artist known as Fuying & Sam perform a few songs as an intro to this concert.

TVXQ intro for this concert was stunning as all eyes were fixed to the screen when a clip was played starting with a warm theme of fire to introduce TVXQ members. With the remaining two members, U-know Yunho and Max Changmin, the 1st song titled “Rising Sun” started with a visual clip of monochrome optical illusion and a surprise appearance of the boys from the open floor on the stage floating over the sky of the stage. Then, TVXQ continued with “Getaway”, “Why Intro”, “Hey” and “O -正.反.合.”.

After the 1st segment, TXVQ who was assisted by a translator, started to introduce themselves in Bahasa Malaysia. Cassiopeia became more excited as Yunho introduced himself with “Apa khabar, nama saya Yunho”, followed by “Apa khabar, nama saya Changmin” by Changmin. Yunho said that he was happy to be here in Malaysia again after their last visit 6 years ago. Fans were touched when Changmin said he felt sorry to their fans, Cassiopeia, because they took a long time to come back to Malaysia after their last performance in 2007 but we could hear a warm reply from Cassiopeia to Changmin as they said “괜찮아” (it’s okay).

The boys continued with a relaxing performance of "비누처럼 (Like a Soap)", “How Are You” and “Journey”. To express their love towards the fans, Yunho started to perform a solo of a pop song titled "Honey Funny Bunny" while Changmin sang to a ballad song, "고백 (Confession)". After a short break, TVXQ continued with their hit songs such as “Wrong Number”, “I Don’t Know (Korean ver.)”, “Humanoids” and “Purple Line”. The concert atmosphere soothed down a little with a medley of their ballad songs which includes “이것만은 알고 (Before U Go)”, “Destiny”, “기억을 따라 (Memories)”, “I Never Let Go”, “약속했던 그때에 (Always There...)”, “지금처럼 (As Always)”, “I Wanna Hold You”, “Here I Stand” and “ (Dream)”. Malaysian Cassiopeia impressed us more when they continuously waved their red lightsticks, creating a red ocean throughout the concert and even prepared purple lightsticks and waved them during “Purple Line”.

Up next, “Catch Me” was performed. Fans were absolutely amazed with the glow in the dark costumes that TVXQ as well as their backup dancers were wearing! The specially designed stage costumes look even more fabulous as these two hunks performed the “Hulk Dance”. The final segment came in and started with “Why” and “바보 (Unforgettable)”. Wait, there’s more! TVXQ’s Malaysia fanbases specially prepared white hand banners for the crowds to be held high in the air when TVXQ sang the last song, “바보 (Unforgettable)”. “우리는 항상 여기에 있어요” was written on each banner. It literally means “We Are Always Here”. What made the concert even more interesting was when Cassiopeia sing TVXQ’s song titled “Swear” together when the duo finished performing "바보 (Unforgettable)", instead of shouting for encore. Then, together they shouted “We Are T”.

For the encore, TVXQ performed “주문-Mirotic”, “Hi Ya Ya 여름날 (Summer Days)”, “Summer Dream”, and “ Sky”. The duo wrapped up the concert with a melodious ballad song titled “I’ll Be There”. Yunho gave his ending speech by saying thank you to all of their fans and he said the last song was specially meant for the fans as he said that he will always be there for them. Changmin once again apologized to their fans and felt sincerely sorry to the fans for keeping them waiting for 6 years. He ended his speech with “Aku cinta kamu” and “Saya sayang awak”. “For now this is TVXQ” echoed in Stadium Malawati and the backup dancers took it as a que as all of them including the duo bowed in a row. All Cassiopeia stood up and gave them a loud applause. Before leaving, Changmin waved and said “Bye and see you again soon” to the fans and Yunho made a promise to come again to Malaysia next year!

Finally, big thank to the organiser, JPM Music for bringing the wonderful TVXQ for "Catch Me Tour" in Malaysia. We will definitely be missing those two lovely boys and anticipate for their next visit soon.

Event: TVXQ Catch Me Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur
Date: 18th May 2013 , 8.30pm
Venue: Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam
Organizer: JPM Music
Written by: Aisy
Photo by: Aisy


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