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Saturday 19 October 2013

INFINITE Took A Great Step To Impress Malaysian INSPIRITS!

It was INFINITE's second visit to Malaysia and this group which consists of Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L & Sungjong received a very hot response from Malaysian fans as the tickets were selling like hot cakes! Most of the zones were all sold out and enthusiastic INSPIRITS were seen queuing up at Stadium Negara two days earlier! Fans from all around the World gathered for this terrific solo concert! MY-INFINITE (INFINITE Malaysia Fanclub) even set up a corner of where they donated rice which then handed over to a charity organisation. *thumbs up*

Organised by IME Productions, the concert kicked off with "Destiny" MV Ver. A projected on two big screens, followed by an intro VCR. Audiences literally went wild when the 7-membered group appeared on the main stage to perform "Destiny", a song that was written and composed by Rphabet. We were impressed with the fanchants that echoed the whole stadium! The boys continued to heat up the stage with "Tic Toc". INFINITE teased the audiences with silhouettes of them, taking off their outer wears and then performed "Paradise" in singlets! Calming down themselves, the members started to introduce themselves in Malay. Some Malays words that were pronounced made the whole audiences cringing! INFINITE then continued to perform "날개 (Wings)", "Inception", "Can U Smile" & "너에게 간다 (Going To You)".

It was time for solo stages! Sungyeol & Sungjong teamed as DJs of the night by performing "3 분의 1 (1/3)", followed by INFINITE-H (which consists of Dongwoo & Hoya) rapping and performed "Special Girl". "불편한 진실 (Inconvenient Truth)" music video was shown on the screen, specially revealed to the concertgoer! "그해여름 (In The Summer)" was up next, followed by "니가좋다 (I Like You) where the boys threw soft toys and autographed paper planes and paper cranes! The boys even handed over some of the soft toys, personally to the lucky fans! The boys were generous enough to take some polaroid pictures as well as self-taken pictures (selcas) using the fans' polaroid camera and mobile phones! It was solo stages again and member, L strummed his guitar for "Love U Like U", sat on a bench with his 'girlfriend' teddy bear beside him. He then gave a smooch to his 'girlfriend' and hugged 'her', hid his shy face at the end of the performance. Woohyun (who is known for his 'cheesy' acts) turned up on stage with "Beautiful". Lucky INSPIRIT was selected by himself and was 'proposed' with flowers, a ring as well as Hello Kitty spectacles that he wore! Leader Sunggyu then mesmerized us with his melodious voice by performing his solo track, "60초 (60 Seconds)".

All members appeared on the main stage once again. INFINITE surprised us with "Rasa Sayang" as a special gift to Malaysian INSPIRITS! The boys then performed "엄마 (Mom)" with childhood photos of the members shown on the big screen. "그리움이 닿는 곳에 (Still I Miss You)" was performed next with INSPIRITS clearly fanchanted the members' names, followed by "Nothing's Over)". "맡겨 (Entrust) was up next, with a surprise project carried out by the fans by releasing yellow ribbon at the end of the song! The boys continued to heat up the stage with "Cover Girl", "내꺼하자 (Be Mine)", BTD (Before The Dawn)", "남자가 사랑할때 (Man In Love)", "추격자 (The Chaser)", "다시 돌아와 (Come Back Again)" & "Hysterie".

It was almost the end of the show when each members expressed their gratitude to the fans and it was heartfelt when Woohyun was seen holding up his tears, thanking the fans' on their endless support to INFINITE. Some fans were even seen crying. INFINITE wrapped up their show in Malaysia with "With..." with handbanners stated "끝가지 함께 걸어요 (Let's Walk Together Till The End)" were seen held up high in the air by the audiences.

Event: 2013 INFINITE 1st World Tour – One Great Step in KL
Date: 19th October 2013 , 7.30pm
Venue: Stadium Negara
Organizer: IME Productions
Written by: Amira Hasni
Photo by: Aisy


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