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Saturday 12 October 2013

LUNAFLY Blew LUKIES' Minds Away With An Awesome Comeback For Their First Anniversary Party

After an awesome appearance earlier this year, LUNAFLY were back again to Malaysia for another exclusive showcase! On 12th October 2013, "365 with LUNAFLY" took place at LT20, Taylors University where two separate showcases were held on the same day. The day show, "Superhero" started at 3PM while the night session, “Fly To Love” started at 8PM. What made LUNAFLY’s showcase interesting was the performances for the day show and night show were different where they surprised us with special performances each! Both night and day shows were comprised of two sections.

Superhero” showcase began at 3PM after a brief intro from the day show emcee, Max. Though there were some technical problems before the boys kicked off the show, Inspire.ME technical crew members managed to overcome the problem in a short period of time and the show was able to run smoothly. LUNAFLY kicked start the show with a sweet, catchy track of “보고 있거나 보고 싶거나 (Seeing You or Missing You)". The members then introduced themselves. Sam said “Malaysia feels like my home. Coming back to Malaysia makes me feel like coming back home.” Teo, the mood maker, made the audience laughed as he keep on repeating the word, “Saya kacak. Saya comel. Saya cantik. Saya lucu.” Teo replied with another Malay word of "Saya tahu", which means "I know",  when some of the fans shouted “Teo Kacak”. The maknae, Yun didn't speak much but he kept on flashing his bright smile as fans called his name non-stop.

The showcase continued as LUNAFLY sang their songs titled “얼마나 좋을까 (How Nice Would it be)” and “One More Time”. Exclusively for the day show, LUNAFLY showcased a cover of an English song, originally sang by P!NK, titled “Just Give Me a Reason”. The boys totally blew the audiences' minds away with their amazing, strong vocals. They then performed “맑은 날 흐린 날 (Clear Day Cloudy Day)” and LUNAFLY amazed the audiences once again with their yet-to-release single as it was revealed and performed for the first time ever! “My Love” was performed next and the boys surprised the audiences with a Mandarin song titled “情非得已 (Qing Fei De Yi)”. The audiences were in awe as the members showcased their fluent Mandarin through the song! Sam answered “It took us a month to practice this song as the pronunciations are different from Korean words." on how long did LUNAFLY practised the song. The first half ended with another English cover song, “As Long as You Love Me”.

LUNAFLY's latest song, “여우야 (Yeowoya)” marked the opening of the second half of the show. The boys were praised on their 'fanservice' as each member interacted very well with their Lukies (LUNAFLY's fans) frequently! The members then heated up the stage with “With You”, “Stardust”, “Mirror”, “Love Somebody”, “I Won’t Let You Go” and “니 이름이 뭐니 (What’s Your Name)”. The show almost came to the end as Sam asked the audiences to stand up together with them and sing along to the last two songs for the day show. The boys wrapped up their day show with “Innocent and Young” and “Fly to Love”.

It wasn't the end of the day show as LUNAFLY were asked to stand at the side as a mystery video was being played on the screen! It turned out to be a video specially made by MYLUNAFLY (LUNAFLY Malaysia Fanclub) in commemoration of LUNAFLY's first anniversary! It was a colloboration project with LUNAFLY fansites from all over the world. MYLUNAFLY also managed to collect a sum of MYR1210.00 for "Hospitals Beyond Boundaries" on behalf of LUNAFLY to help those people in need! Applause to the fanclubs participated for the great project they organised!

Inspire.ME did a great job on organizing this awesome showcase. We are looking forward to LUNAFLY next appearance in Malaysia soon!

Event: "Superhero" Day Show 365 with LUNAFLY
Date: 12th October 2013 , 3pm
Venue: LT20, Taylors University
Organizer: Inspire.ME
Written by: Aisy
Photo by: Aisy


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