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Sunday 20 October 2013

VIXX Shined The Stage For Their 1st Global Showcase 'The Milky Way' In Malaysia

Malaysia was lucky enough to be the first pitstop for VIXX's 1st Global Showcase 'The Milky Way' as St☆rlights (VIXX fans) from not only Malaysia but Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea and more to be named a few came to HGH Convention Centre in Sentul for this anticipating showcase, organized by Jazzy Group! It made the whole showcase more exciting when local and international fanbases distributed handbanners as well some freebies to the fans!

Music videos were played to 'teased' the fans, followed by an opening act by a local singer. An intro VCR of 'The Milky Way' was played and the boys showed up on the stage to perform "다칠 준비가 돼 있어 (On & On)", followed by "어둠 속을 밝혀줘 (Light Up The Darkness)". The 6-membered group then greeted the audiences in Malay. It was their second visit to Malaysia as they were delighted to see fans that came to the showcase and hoping that they would enjoy the whole show. We assumed it was time for solo stages as member, Leo disappeared to the backstage to prepare.

He then showcased his powerful vocal while playing the keyboard with a solo performance of "Can't Be Friends", followed by a solo performance by Hongbin of "Old Songs" which showcased his dreamy voice that captivated the audiences! Ken & Ravi hyped out the audiences with a joint performance of "Turn Up The Music", which is originally sang by Chris Brown, while N performed a contemporary blindfold dance, barefooted. 

Childhood pictures as well as pre-debut videos were shown on the big screen, made some of the audiences teared up. "Super Hero" was up next, followed by "Starlight" which is a special song made for their fans. It was Q&A section. The questions were picked from the board that was filled with post-it notes that was placed outside the venue earlier. The chosen lucky fan was serenaded with a cover of Noel's "그리워 그리워 (I Miss You) from Leo & Ken, made some of the fans went jealous. Hyuk also did a freestyle rap. VIXX's mascot, ROVIX appeared on the screen to give out a special mission to the boys on where they have to showcase something to the fans. Youngest member, Hyuk did the famous "Gwiyomi Player", Leo did a shy imitation of a country dog and N danced to Sunmi's "24시간이 모자라 (24 Hours)". The boys even asked the audiences to stand up and dance along to them for their next performance, "Rock Ur Body".

VIXX then disappeared to the backstage while the fans shouted "Encore! Encore! Encore!". The boys then appeared to perform a slow version of "Hyde" and wrapped up the stage with "대.다.나.다.너 (G.R.8.U)". All VIP ticket holders were entitled for the high-five session as well as photograph session with the boys which was held at the end of the showcase.

Event: VIXX First Global Showcase 2013 ‘The Milky Way’ Live in KL
Date: 20th October 2013 , 1.00pm
Venue: HGH Convention Centre
Organizer: Jazzy Group
Written by: Amira Hasni
Photo by: Aisy


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