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Monday 20 January 2014

Hip-hop Duo, LEESSANG Performed in Front of Their Malaysian Fans for the First Time!

Kicking off the night, a VCR was shown on the screen, giving on a preview on the duo's album discography. LEESSANG then appeared on the stage with "Modesty Is Difficult" where the excited audience immediately stood up, singing along to the song! They then continue to perform "I Turned Off The TV", "You're The Answer To The Guy Like Me" & "It's A Laugh Behind Sadness". Gary impressed us with his amazing, breathless rap while Gil's husky voice matched up perfectly to the songs!

The hip-hop duo took a short break as a VCR was up and showcased Gary & Gil's appearances on variety shows. Gary scored an amazing response from the audience as scenes of him starring in the popular variety show, SBS 'Running Man' were shown on the screen! Laughter from the audience liven up the hall as Gil's witty acts in MBC 'Infinity Challenge' were featured as well! Next, Q&A session! They were asked on what is their new year resolution. Gary answered that he wished to become a successful musician while his partner, Gil is hoping to come to Malaysia once again. When the duo were asked with, "What do you think about Malaysian fans?", Gary replied with "짱! [(The fans are) great!] and "(Malaysian fans are) so beautiful!". As for their ideal type, both members answered "Song Jihyo" which causes most of the fans cringe! (Gary's on-screen partner in 'Running Man' is Song Jihyo. The couple is popular with the nickname of 'Monday Couple')

Game sessions with lucky fans were up next! The first one was called 'Couple Game' whereby Gary & Gil with their respective partners had to be able to stand on a piece of newspaper to its smaller piece for 5 seconds! Gary even asked on why he didn't get a female partner and made the audience cringed once again as he mentioned that he was missing Song Jihyo very much. Awwww~ It was a tight competition between these two groups but Gary and his partner eventually won the game! Next, 'Survival Chair' or in other word, 'Musical Chair'. During the game, gentleman Gil offered his seat to a fan instead of sitting on it and basically, 'sacrificed' himself *thumbs up!* The fans even danced with Gary and the man himself surprised us by pulling a fan to sit on his lap! Each games concluded with a group photo.

Gil was thankful because many of their fans came while Gary mentioned that he would tell the rest of 'Running Man' members about Malaysia. The showcase then continued with performances of a hip-hop/ballad song, "Ballerino", "Gary & Gil" and Clown".

The duo then disappeared to the backstage until a countdown was shown on the screen and the fans kept on chanting "LEESSANG! LEESSANG! LEESSANG!" for encore! Gary & Gil finally appeared on the stage once again with a whole new outfit and continued to pump up the night with "Let Us Meet Right Now". Lucky VVIP ticket holders got a closer look on Gary as he came down from the stage! Gil asked "More?" and Gary shouted, "Make some noise!". Gary & Gil wrapped up the stage with "Rush" as the fans waved their hands up in the air. Gil even recorded a video of him, performing on the stage! Before they leave, Gary endlessly said "사랑해! (I love you!)" while the front audiences were splashed with water by Gil.

KloseUP would like to special thank Pop Culture Live! for giving us a chance to cover such a great showcase with good real music by LEESSANG.

Next exciting show by Pop Culture Live! is coming very soon!

Event: 2013/2014 LeeSsang 1st Asia Showcase in Malaysia
Date: 11th January 2014 , 7.00pm
Venue: StarStage, Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC)
Written by: Amira Hasni
Photo by: Aisy


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