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Thursday 9 January 2014

Lee Kwang Soo Attracted 2,000 Fans to His First Ever Fan Meet in Malaysia!

JS Concert Productions with Faith & D Entertainment and King Kong Entertainment supported by Malaysia Major Events (MME), a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency under Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism and CultureLee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting In Malaysia was held for the first time ever on Saturday, 4th of January 2014 at KWC Fashion Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

Lee Kwang Soo is well-known for being one of the main casts of a popular variety show under SBS which is 'Running Man'. The popularity of 'Running Man' is a no doubt as the show has attracted million viewers from different walks of life from all around the World! (It was a no joke either when the man himself arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) the day before as the hardcore fans swarmed the arrival gate!)

It was at KWC Fashion Mall, Kuala Lumpur where these fans of 'Giraffe' (one of Lee Kwang Soo's nicknames from the variety show, SBS 'Running Man') gathered to catch the man himself live on stage on his very first fan meet ever in Malaysia. It was great to see not only Malaysian fans filled up the venue but international fans as well! The fanclub, KwangsooHolic from Hong Kong stood out the most as these devoted 'Kirin' ('Giraffe' in Korean) fans dressed up in all yellow!

It started around 30 minutes late than the scheduled time which was 6PM. The anticipated Lee Kwang Soo finally appeared on the stage, singing to TVXQ!'s 'Hug'. The fans laughed as he showcased his trademark 'robot dance' from 'Running Man' during the performance!

A popular tv show host from 8TV, Baki Zainal became the emcee of the night. He even asked a couple of questions to Lee Kwang Soo and one of them was what is his favourite Malaysian food and he answered roti canai. The fans even shouted at him, saying that he is cute and he replied with "Anda comel! (You are cute!)". The event continued with a mini game with 4 lucky fans. The name of the game was 'Follow Lee Kwang Soo's Way' where the fans picked words such as 'Tough', 'Romantic', 'Aegyo' & 'Fashionista' and Lee Kwang Soo would demonstrate actions for respective words. The fans then had to 'follow' as what he demonstrated.

The actions that were demonstrated by Lee Kwang Soo made the audiences laughed the whole time and there some actions that made the audiences cringe, especially the 'Aegyo' and 'Romantic' part! During the 'Fashionista' part, Lee Kwang Soo did a 'butt pose' but then he realized that the selected fan was a female and so, being a gentleman, he resisted the fan from doing so (but she did eventually!). Lee Kwang Soo did some 'aegyo' or in other word, making cute pose(s), to the lucky fan while he proposed and fed a cake to the lucky fan for the 'Romantic' part! In the end, all of them took a group photo altogether.

VCR was shown as Lee Kwang Soo head to the backstage to get ready for his next performance. The VCR was about his major works such as the variety show, SBS 'Running Man' as well a few other dramas that he starred in. The man of the night then appeared in a whole new outfit and serenaded his beloved fans with Yoo Jae Ha's "사랑하기 때문에 (Because Of Love)" while playing the keyboard, showcasing his another talent! The performance was indeed an emotional one that brought up tears to some of the audiences.

Up next, it was another mini game with 11 selected lucky fans! It was a game where the fans had to follow Lee Kwang Soo's moves from the count of 3! The emcee, Baki mentioned that the grand prize of the winner would win a money-can't-buy prize! That made the whole audiences anticipated for the entire game! In the end, a young boy won and he got himself an 'on-the-spot' autograph from Lee Kwang Soo, a rose as well as a warm big hug from the man himself! Official LINE dolls were given to the consolation prize winners.

Third game was up where the whole audiences had the chance to participate in an "'X' or 'O'" game. The audiences were asked to stand up and answer all corrections correctly in order to be the selected Top 10! A lot of questions were asked, among them was Kwang Soo's favourite drink and fruit which are cola and strawberry. In the middle of the game, Lee Kwang Soo expressed his gratitude as he was overwhelmed as the fans know a lot about him. He even shouted, ""말레이시아 사랑한다!" (Malaysia I love you!) & "My heart to you!". The Top 10 winners had the chance to go on the stage to get a closer look on 'Mr. Giraffe' as well as accepting an autograph t-shirt each as a prize and took a group photo!

It was time to get to know Lee Kwang Soo better as a Q&A session was held.  Differ from his usual funny and wacky image that he showcased through 'Running Man', the man himself is humble, friendly and down-to-earth. He said that he was grateful of his Malaysian fans for being supportive towards him. He also mentioned about his second family which is the 'Running Man' members which he is really thankful of. Kwang Soo said he will work harder in being funny and showing a better image of 'Prince of Asia'. He even mentioned of wanting to act as a 'casanova' in his next drama. Kwang Soo acted an antagonist character in the drama, MBC 'Goddess of Fire' and denied himself on playing out the role well while the fans replied, saying that he did well. 

Baki teased the audiences for a bit as he asked Kwang Soo on his ideal type of girl. Kwang Soo mentioned that he wants someone who is a little shorter than him and has a great smile. Not forgetting his fans, he pointed "You!" to them, prior to the question. He said that he would want to keep himself busy this year and would want to star in more dramas. He then shouted, "I love you, Malaysia" and promised himself that he would tell the other members of 'Running Man' on how awesome Malaysia is. 

A special VCR was shown on the screen, as a gift from the fans to Lee Kwang Soo. The heartfelt fanmade video brought up Lee Kwang Soo to tears. Later on, fanclub representatives from Malaysia walked up on stage and presented gifts to him.

Before he left, Lee Kwang Soo sang a ballad song, 'I Believe' and came down from the stage to get closer to the fans! He then bowed to the fans to sincerely thank the fans who came to the fan meet.

The event was wrapped up with a high five session for Premium ticket holders. KloseUP would like to specially thank JS Concert Productions with Faith & D Entertainment and King Kong Entertainment supported by Malaysia Major Events (MME), a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency under Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture, for giving us the opportunity to cover this wonderful event.

Event: Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting in Malaysia
Date: 4th January 2014 , 6.00pm
Venue: KWC Fashion Mall, Kuala Lumpur
Organizer: JS Concert
Written by: Amira Hasni
Photo by: Tian Chad (Organizer)


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