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Sunday 22 December 2013

Skull & Haha Amazed Fans with Their Ultimate All-Out Reggae Spirit

On 21st December 2013, the popular South Korean reggae duo, Skull & Haha were finally here for their very first showcase in Malaysia that was held at KL Live, Kuala Lumpur. DJ IT was featured as the opening performer of the night along with outstanding collaboration of reggae/hip-hop producer, NUOL throughout the showcase! DJ IT excited the crowd with a stunning opening of a very unique remix of a few well-known English songs and an instrumental sound mix. 

The main act, Skull & Haha came up on the stage a bit late around 8pm as they heated up the showcase with “Reggaerilla” as the fans automatically gave a reaction by dancing and singing along! Next up, a special collaboration stage of “Big Up” with reggae/hip hop producer, NUOL accompanied with DJ IT’s sound mix effects. Performances of “No More Trouble” and “From Fool to Fool” were followed up next.

Skull & Haha greeted the fans with the help of a translator. It wasn't a burden much for Skull when it comes to greeting the fans as he is undeniably a good English speaker! Skull showed his concern for their high-spirited fans who came to the showcase despite the heavy rain outside. Haha was thankful of their fans' attendance and promised to give his all-out for the showcase to repay the fans' enthusiasm. He voiced out, saying he enjoyed his stay at Kuala Lumpur and even mentioned Kuala Lumpur is a very beautiful city with variety delicacies. Not forget to mention, pretty Malaysian girls everywhere! Haha was heard, shouting “Malaysia Boleh” throughout the night as well! They didn't forget to thank the international fans that joined the crowd, all the way from South Korea and Singapore!

It was game sessions as Skull & Haha randomly picked 10 lucky fans. Lucky fans had a chance to join Skull & Haha on the stage for a mini game called “Share It”. We could hear laughter from the crowd as the fans copied funny movements, shown by Skull & Haha! Haha’s team won in the end. Lucky fans also took the opportunity to hug the duo! Two lucky fans even received towels from Skull and DJ IT! 

Heavy rain at the outside did not affect the reggae spirit of Skull & Haha as the duo continued to perform “Ha Wa U?? Fine Thank You!!”. Hyped up Haha surprised the fans as he took off his shades and t-shirt and poured water all over himself! Some fans around him got 'sprinkled' as well, thanks to his all-wet hair! As the fans were busy recording the duo's performance, Haha asked them to restrain from doing so that they will enjoy the showcase more. Haha said that he is not 'Running Man''s Haha but Haha, the singer for the night. Skull & Haha hyped up the night as they asked the crowd to jump along with them for the next song, “Busan Vacance”, followed by “Ragga Muffin” and “Boom Di Boom Di“.

It has not ended as Skull & Haha heat up the night with a pre-Christmas celebration by singing and dancing along to the song ‘YMCA’ and a X’mas remix with the fans. Skull & Haha even showcased their 'softer side' with the live version of ‘Hennessy 19’. It was a break-up song, written by Skull who experienced it previously. It was heart touching as the fans turned on light from their mobile phones and waved them up in the air throughout the song. It eventually turned the venue into a sea of stars as the duo performed with their sincere hearts. The show continued with “No Woman No Cry”. 

The night ended with cheerful song of “Sweet Rice Cake”. Skull & Haha thanked the fans once again on their endless support. The duo along with DJ IT and NUOL then bowed in a row. They knelt down and gave a traditional Korean New Year greeting to the fans. We had their promise when Skull & Haha said they will surely come to Malaysia again! LEAP IMS did a very great job on organizing this event. Thanks to Quan Entertainment, Skull & HaHa’s management company and their cheerful crew too for bringing them here to Malaysia.

Event: Skull & Haha First Malaysia Showcase
Date: 21st December 2013 , 7.30pm
Venue: KL Live, First floor, Kuala Lumpur
Organizer: LEAP IMS
Written by: Aisy
Photo by: Aisy


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