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Saturday 28 June 2014

The BOSS Kicked Off Their Malaysia Promo Tour at Seremban Prima

On recent Friday of 20th June 2014, they held their first ever showcase in Malaysia. Who are they? Yes, it’s The BOSS, also known as‘대국남아’ [Dae-Guk-Nam-Ah in Korean or DGNA in initials].It was indeed a wonderful moment for their fans, also known as Masters, as they have been longing for this time to come! It was not a surprise to see fans from all over Malaysia, flocking in the Seremban Prima in Seremban as it was the members’ first showcase stop out of three throughout their mini tour in Malaysia. Fans from foreign countries were also spotted and most of them consist of Japanese as The Boss, or DaikokuDanji in Japanese, is popular in Japan.

Originally debuted in 2010, The Boss arose in the Korean Pop music industry with “Admiring Boy” and also notable with a few tracks such as “Stumble Stumble”, “Nobody…Anybody” and “Lady”. These lads then focused more on their activities in Japan for the past 2 years before making their comeback in the Korean Pop scene with “Why Goodbye” by the end of 2013.

Promoting their second mini album, ‘Chapter II’, The Boss which is led by Mika, and other members; Karam, Hyunmin, Injun, and Jay, this 5-membered group gave off brilliant performances to the audiences in Seremban recently.The Boss mesmerized the audience with “We Are Together” as the first performance of the day as it earned deafening cheers and thunderous applause from the devoted fans.

The first talk session of the afternoon followed but was abruptly interrupted at the beginning as a moth flewnear Mika for a while before it flew away and that earned laughter from the audience. Injun expressed his feeling with “There are more fans than I expected so it feels like I will have a lots of fun today” at first. When were asked about what were some of the Malaysian food they have tried,Hyunmin mentioned ‘BakKutTeh’ and even said “I love BakKutTeh”. Jay then followed with “AisKacang, Sate, NasiLemak” before Karam added ‘Bee Hoon’ to the list of answers that kept on coming. Karambrought the audience to laughter as he mentioned his favourite Malay sentence, “Saya nak kencing” (I want to pee). The members then continuewith performance of “What Are You”, which is one of the tracks from‘Chapter II’ as well as performing “New Boyz” with exciting choreography. These talented lads did not fail to showoff their charms on stage, vocal-wise and dance-wise. 

It was the game session where the fans were mostly anticipated of as they would have the opportunity to interact with theirfavourite members!The floor was erupted with shouts from fans who wanted to be the lucky chosen ones!The audience went “aww” when Karam was partnered up with a little boy. They played a gesture game in which each member will describe the word written on the paper while their respective partners will guess the correct answers. The most correct guesses in 1 minute wins the game. In the end, Injun and his partner won and participants were given gifts from sponsor.It was The Boss’ final performance as they performed “Why Goodbye”. The event was wrapped up around 4.50PM with photo session and autograph session.

We would like to thank New Pro-Star for giving KloseUP this golden opportunity to cover this wonderful event.

Event: The BOSS 1st Showcase in Malaysia
Date: 20th June 2014 , 3.00pm
Venue: Seremban Prima
Written by: Wong Aiman
Photo by: Sungrin216


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