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Saturday 28 June 2014

The BOSS Made a Few Stops During Their Recent Malaysia Tour!

22nd June 2014 marked the end of The BOSS 1st Showcase in Malaysia Tour as 1Shamelin Shopping Mall became their last pit stop, organized by New Pro-Star. The BOSS, also known as‘대국남아’ [Dae-Guk-Nam-Ah  in Korean or DGNA in initials] made stops in Seremban and Melaka before Kuala Lumpur throughout their promotion in Malaysia. This final showcase was a success as it was fullhouse as crowd of fans were seen at the center court of the venue. It’s a no doubt, parallel to the popularity of The BOSS as fans from foreign countries were spotted at all of their showcases. Most of them consist of Japanese as The Boss, or DaikokuDanji in Japanese, is popular in Japan.

As early as 10AM, fans queued at the main entrance of the mall to grab themselves limited copies of The BOSS’s second mini album titled ‘Chapter II’ which are then sold out in a few minutes! The limited sitting area was full with eager and anticipated fans as it was their last chance to catch the members performing live on stage before they headed back to South Korea the following day.

As Jaycee, the MC of the showcase who was also the MC for previous events organized by New Pro-Star, appeared on the stage to welcome Masters (what The BOSS’ fans are called as) who came. Kicked off at 4PM, Malaysia’s very own dance cover group, Bubble Candy appeared on the stage and performed a remix of T-ARA N4’s ‘Jeon Won Diary’. This group of four energetic lasses did not fail to showcase their powerful, flawless choreography.

The BOSS which is led by Mika, and other members; Karam, Hyunmin, Injun, and Jay take over the stagewith a catchy track, “We Are Together”. They then continued to heat up the stage with a ballad track, “Sad Story”. This 5-membered idol group meltedthe hearts of the audience as they showcased their melodious voices. It is a no doubt that The BOSS is well-known for their amazing talent in vocals.

The lads then introduced themselves starting with Hyunmin and ended with the youngest member, Jay with “Saya cinta kamu” (“I love you” in Malay).Injun impressed the audience with his fluent English as he introduced himself comfortably, followed by leader, Mika who was busy wiping off sweats from his face, made a nice and short introduction.When were asked about any Malay words that they learnt, Karam quickly mentioned “Saya nak kencing” (‘I want to pee” in Malay) and pretended to leave the stage to answer the nature call. He was then pulled back by Mika and it brought laughter to the audience.The next performance was “What Are You”, which is also one of the tracks from‘Chapter II’, followed up by “New Boyz” which was accompanied with energetic and exciting choreography.

It was time for the most favourite segment of the fans, the game session, as they could interact one-to-one with their beloved idols. The crowd went wild as the members themselves got to choose their partners for the game. Five lucky chosen fans were then up on stage for the ‘money-can’t-buy experience’, arose jealousy among other fans. They were playing a guessing game as the membershad to imitate the given keyword and their respective partner has to answer them correctly. Laughter bursted out as the idol group members came out with unique ways on imitating all the given keywords. The one that caught our attention the most was when Mika tried to explain the word “Balloon” with an innocent blank expression of his! They then continued with the final two performances as they performed “Why Goodbye”, followed by “Lady”. The event was wrapped up around 5.30PM with photo session and autograph session.

We would like to thank New Pro-Star for giving KloseUP this golden opportunity to cover this wonderful event.

Event: The BOSS 1st Showcase in Malaysia
Date: 22nd June 2014 , 4.00pm
Venue: 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall
Written by: Aisy
Photo by: Aisy


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