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Monday 15 June 2015

Talented Malaysian Contestants for 2015 K-POP World Festival in Malaysia Wowed VIXX!

Sunday, 14th June 2015 was a day anticipated by enthusiastic Hallyu Wave fans, especially Korean Pop fans, as 2015 K-POP World Festival in Malaysia with VIXX was taken place at Sunway Giza. The festival, which is a joint collaboration by Astro, KBS World, and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Malaysia, was held in search of two Malaysian representatives among top 12 finalists who will get the opportunity to represent the nation at the Grand Finals in Changwon City, Korea! That's not it! Korean Pop group, VIXX also attended the event as special judge!

The event started with an opening performance by the winner of 2014 Astro Battleground, followed by an opening speech by MCs and also VCRs on screen. VIXX then appeared on stage, receiving deafening cheer from the audience! The members introduced themselves in Malay. Ken caught us the most with "Saya paling comel, Ken. Terima Kasih. (I'm the cutest [member], Ken. Thank you)". Leader, N said that the members are feeling comfortable with the atmosphere in Malaysia and felt thankful over the huge number of fans attendance at the event. Hongbin also mentioned that they got a chance to taste local delicacies such as chili crab. N joined in by saying, "Sedap! (Delicious!)".

The members then picked a few questions in a box, written by fans. Lucky fans who got picked were given autographed album and autographed polaroid as well a chance to say something to the group! When was asked on which animal would they be if they are ones, Leo said he would be a cat. Ravi then wittily said he would be a cat which is bigger than Leo! Ken and Leo also serenade beloved fans with their melodious voice. The rest of the members were a little embarrassed when N danced to EXID's 'Up & Down' that they jokingly turned around to the back, leaving N facing the audience all alone! The youngest member, Hyuk also showed 'aegyo' ('cuteness'), making the audience cringed their hands! After a short interview with the group, VIXX then headed to the judge tables.

First batch of the contestants; FXN showed good impression with dance performance of BESTIE 'Excuse Me', solo singer Yiting Tan sang VIXX 'Love Equation' (with Ravi giving thumb up and praising the contestant!), Villainess impressed us with a cover of 4minute 'Crazy' and youthful group HIM performing to BTS 'I Need You'. Followed by the second batch; DuoFrio performed EXO 'My Answer', P.A.S with Super Junior 'Cooking Cooking' and 'Swing', Double F with Sonamoo 'Deja Vu' and also solo singer, Alex Goh performing a ballad song with his melodious voice! The stage continued with the last batch of contestants, Variance showed their sexy moves through EXID 'Up & Down', male group Fuxion Dance Crew with EXO 'Call Me Baby' (which received hot response from the audience!), solo singer Zetty Lee performing a ballad song and lastly, Epsilon Kueen showcased powerful choreography that Ravi himself was amazed and taken aback! Members of VIXX also did not forget to give out good advices and positive comments to the contestants.

The long-awaited moment finally came as the six-member group performed three songs; 'On & On', 'Light Up The Darkness' and 'Error'. Leader, N also mentioned that the group members were glad they they could meet their Malaysian fans and asking the fans to come again when they visit Malaysia next time. Fans even surprised N with a birthday song as they sang along together!

The event wrapped up as Fuxion Dance Crew won the KBS World Prize, HIM with the VIXX Award and Alex Goh (under solo category) along with Epsilon Kueen (under performance category) won the competition and will be representing Malaysia at the 2015 K-POP World Festival Grand Finals in Changwon City, Korea in October!

KloseUP would like to specially thank Astro Malaysia for the golden opportunity to cover this event.

Event: 2015 K-POP World Festival in Malaysia with VIXX
Date: 14th June 2015 , 4.00pm
Venue: Sunway Giza Mall
Organizer: Astro Malaysia
Written by : Amira Hasni
Photo by : Aisy


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