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Monday 18 April 2016

BIGFLO Stolen Malaysian Waves Heart with Powerful Stage Presentation

After the first successful showcase in Miri Sarawak, its Kuala Lumpur turn to witness the awesome appearance and performance by BIGFLO. Happening in The Summit Subang USJ on 16th April 2016 is BIGFLO First Showcase in Malaysia. BIGFLO kick started the concert with the opening song that is also their latest title track for the 3 EP album, “Obliviate”.

The ment started soon after the individual introduction. The emcee, Caely See asked the boys about their first impression about their fans (Waves) in Malaysia and they answered, “They are very pretty”. BIGFLO were asked about their latest activity and Z-UK replied that they in the mist of releasing their debut song “딜라일라 (Delilah)” in other version such as Japanese version and Taiwanese version. Z-UK also express his interest in producing this song in Malaysia version. They were asked about what they wanted to try out in Malaysia and the first to answer is Jungkyun but we can hear the fans mentioning Milo out loud as Jungkyun do likes Milo as it reminds him of his childhood memories. Yuseong wanted to visit Pasar Malam in Malaysia to try out the street food we have here. Kichun said he really like KFC’s chicken in Malaysia because the chicken here are way bigger in size than what they have in Korea. Ron mention about the unique different between the rice in Malaysia and Korea since the Korean version of the rice would be stickier than our rice in Malaysia.

BIGFLO then continued the showcase with “BAD MAMA JAMA” and they mesmerize the fans with the performance of “Fly”. Next up is the game segment and BIGFLO is on a hunt mission to choose six lucky fans to join them on stage. They were divided into three group each with two BIGFLO’s members and two fans to play Jegi Game. The three team was name after fruits in Malaysia. Jungkyun-Ron is Durian team, HighTop-Kichun is Rambutan team and Z-UK-Yuseong is Jambu team. Jambu team win the game with the total score of 6 points. The show continues with “친구들 다 불러”.

Later on they continued with the ment where BIGFLO were asked about interesting place in Malaysia they would like to visit. Leader, Jungkyun mention about Redang Island. He said that Redang Island is very beautiful and he really want to visit it someday in the future. Yuseong still stick with his interest to visit Pasar Malam in Malaysia while HighTop wanted to visit our Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC. Z-UK are interested with Kota Kinabalu while Kichun reply the emcee’s question with a chessy answer, “I’m just happy to be here (Showcase in Malaysia)”.

Meanwhile, Ron express his interest in visiting Malaysia pretty beaches. It has come to the end as “딜라일라 (Delilah)” is the final song for today. BIGFLO appeared again for the Group Photo Session with fans and wrapped up the showcase with an autograph session soon after.

KloseUP would like to thank Sirius Entertainment and J ONE Entertainment for the invitation.

Event: BIGFLO First Promo Tour Showcase in Malaysia
Date: 16th April 2016, 4.00pm
Venue: The Summit Subang USJ
Written by : Aisy
Photo by : Aisy


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