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Wednesday 25 May 2016

2016 K-Pop World Festival in Malaysia

Dear all the K-Pop lovers in Malaysia, K-Pop World Festival is back in Malaysia for 2016. If you are chosen as a Malaysian winner, you will have a big chance to be cordially invited to Korea to join the final contest together with representatives from other countries! Remember, the Finals will be organised by Korean Broadcasting System(KBS) and aired throughout a number of countries.

It is very simple to join: just create a video of yourself singing, dancing or doing both to a K-Pop song and send it to both and by 2nd of May 2016. The submitted videos will be thoroughly reviewed, and only top 12 teams will be chosen to actually compete in the preliminary contest in Malaysia, which will be held on 29 May 2016 at HELPUniversity. Please note that your song of choice should be the exact same song that you will be performing at the contest itself.

1. Team Composition Requirements

o Vocal Performances
- number of singers: no limit
- number of backup dancers: maximum two(2)

o Dance Performances
- the same number of members of the original K-Pop band is reconmmended (ex. Big Bang: 5 members)

2. Deadline for Video Submission

o 2 May 2016, Midnight
* Submissions after the deadline will NOT be considered
** Minor applicants are required to prove that they have earned their parents' consent(statement with signature, ID photocopies)

o Please fill out and sign the application form(attached) and send the SCANNED VERSION together with the VIDEO to BOTH and

3. Regional Preliminary in Malaysia("2016 K-Pop World Festival in Malaysia")

o 29 May 2016, Sunday, 15:00~17:00, HELP University ELM Business School(associated with HELP Korean Carnival(
* TOP 2 winners will be reviewed again by KBS, and only the chosen one by KBS will be invited to Korea for the Finals.

4. 2016 K-Pop World Festival in Changwon, Korea

o 30 September 2016
* The show will be aired throughout a number of countries including Korea

We look forward to your amazing videos!

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