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Monday 20 June 2016

Exciting 'School Session' at a Fanmeeting with Cross Gene in Singapore!

We just came back from our neighbour country, Singapore to cover multinational South Korean idol group, CROSS GENE on their first ever fan meeting in Singapore which was held on Saturday, 18th June 2016. Privileged to be selected as one of only three countries the group would be making their stop for their “Parallel World” fan meeting besides Korea and Japan, it’s no wonder fans flocked from across all borders to catch a glimpse of their favourite group in Singapore. CROSS GENE which consists of members Shin, Seyoung, Casper, Takuya, Sangmin, and Yongseok debuted in 2012 and this fanmeeting marks their second visit to Singapore, being the first visit was in 2014.

Organized by Amuse Inc. Asia, CROSS GENE FANMEETING LIVE 2016 "Parallel World" in Singapore was held at The Millian with 'school' concept (unique and first-of-its kind in Singapore) and conducted in Japanese language. The fanmeeting started off with ‘History class' whereby members were asked about the group’s history in Singapore such as when was their first visit to Singapore and what events was it including the song setlist that they performed. Some members got the answers spot on but some came up with interesting and funny answers. The fans also helped the members by giving hints to some of the questions. Pictures from their first visit in Singapore were also shown.

Next was the ‘English class' which was meant to test the members’ English skill by picking a question each from the question box, which was filled with questions from fans, and they were supposed to answer only in English. It was then time for the 'Physical Education class', which was split into two sessions. The first session was the charade game where the members had to act according the the words shown and fans had to guess them correctly. Takuya was up first and he took the early lead with 10 correct guesses. Next was Yongseok & Casper with only 4 correct guesses respectively, Seyoung with 8 and Shin with 9. Sangmin won the game overall with 12 correct guesses and was granted a one-day Universal Studio Singapore pass.

The second session of the class was to borrow school equipment from the fans. Fans were asked to bring their school equipment prior to the fanmeet. Each members randomly picked a paper from a box with the name of the items that they need to find within 30 seconds. Shin managed to find his respective item within 5 seconds and in the end, everyone managed to find their items. Yongseok got more than one, except for Takuya who only found one after the time limit, and Seyoung, who had to find a lunchbox, couldn’t find any fans with a fork to borrow. As a result, Takuya and Seyoung had to undergo for the punishment game later. The members then signed autographs on each of the borrowed items before returning them to fans.

Next up was the ‘Music class' whereby the members finally performed for the fans, starting off with "Holiday", a slow ballad song that showcased the members' vocal talents, followed by the punishment game for Takuya and Seyoung who lost during the game earlier whereby they had to cross dress and dance to a girl group song. Shin, however, questioned whether if it was a punishment after seeing both Takuya and Seyoung whom seems to enjoy themselves instead. There was also a surprise for the members as member Sangmin will have his birthday on 7th July and also wishing a successful release for the boys’ upcoming first Japanese album, “Ying Yang”.

The group then changed their outfits and a VCR of behind the scenes of all CROSS GENE's albums was shown to fans. The members then mesmerised the fans with numerous performances including "Noona, You", “My Face” and “Mr. Secret” before giving off an unforgettable sexy performance of “Amazing ~Bad Lady~” that had fans screaming their hearts out! The fans were also treated with the boys’ first ever performance of "끼 (KKI)" which they have never perform anywhere else before, including Korea. They then finished off the class session with “Play With Me”.

It came towards the end as each members gave their goodbye speech to fans. Takuya promised to study English more so that he can interact with the fans more next time. Yongseok hopes to have more fanmeetings like this so that they can create more good memories with fans ans hoping to come back to Singapore for a full concert. Seyoung mentioned “Thank you for coming and I love you” in English while Sangmin was very happy he could meet the fans and he loves them as well and Casper gave a long speech in Mandarin. Meanwhile, leader Shin hopes that the fans will continue to support CROSS GENE. They then performed "I’ll Be Fine”. The idol group wrapped up the fanmeeting with handshake and photo taking session with the 'Very Important Gene (VIP)' ticket holders.

KloseUP would like to thank Amuse Inc. Asia for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to cover the fun-flled fanmeeting.

Event: CROSS GENE FANMEETING LIVE 2016 "Parallel World" in Singapore
Date: 18th June 2016 , 6.30pm
Venue: The Millian, Singapore
Organizer: Amuse Inc. Asia
Written by : Aimankyuichi
Photo by : Missbutton

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