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Saturday 3 September 2016

Huge Crowd Welcoming Kang Ha Neul for His Second Visit to Singapore

With an overwhelming crowd welcoming him, South Korean actor Kang Ha Neul are here again in Singapore to meet with fans for a special date, organized by No. 1 Korean entertainment channel ONE. It’s a full house event as more than 3,000 excited fans turned up to show their support for their humble 8th prince at Waterway Point in Singapore at 5.45pm.

The public meet-and-greet session was presented by ONE, a channel under Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia, which have premiered Kang Ha Neul’s latest drama Scarlet Heart on Monday 29 August, 9pm at the same time as Korea. Kang Ha Neul visit are meant to promote this historical drama that was a hit when the Chinese version was produced. 

As we are aware that it is a free standing event at the mall’s atrium, seeing Kang Ha Neul from any angle around the venue will not let you left with regards because he stolen all hearts as soon as he appeared on stage with his humble character and charming smile. This being his second time in Singapore, Kang Ha Neul remarked that he was happy to meet with his fans and supporters in Singapore again, some of whom had turned up as early as 7am to get up-close and personal with the star! 

The meet-and-greet session was peppered with chants of “Kang Ha Neul, saranghaeyo!”, and even screams pledging support to Wang Uk, the name of the dashing 8th prince that he plays in Scarlet Heart. Fans latched on to every word and wink that the actor threw their way, adding on to the electrifying atmosphere during the hour-long event. The MC even teaches him on how to say “Sayang” the Singaporean way that brings the meaning of love or being gentle.

Kang Ha Neul showed glimpses of his charming on-screen character as he gamely took part in on-stage games with some lucky fans, who each got to enjoy 8 magical seconds on a date with the 8th Prince. The first lucky fan gets to take selca (also known as selfie) with Kang Ha Neul within 8 precious seconds. Like a pro the actor lead the fan by holding into the fan’s handphone and possess adorably with her. The next lucky fan was able to feel a drama-like-scene game as the actor was instructed to tie her hair to a pony tail for her (One of the scene in The Descendants of the Sun). I was a great challenge as the fan’s hair happen to be quite short but Kang Ha Neul manage to complete the task.

The third lucky fan was about to cry as the actor are down kneeling in front of her as he was instructed to serenade her for a dreamy 8 seconds. Kang Ha Neul showcases his ability in sing as he was a part for a musical cast before by repeating the word “Saranghae” in a rhythm. The last lucky girl fan were able to feel Kang Ha Neul’s warm embrace as they were to act hugging scene for another sweet 8 seconds. Kang Ha Neul hugged her both from the back and front warmly.

Last but not else, the highlight for this wonderful evening as the last lucky fan up on stage is a very cheerful fan-boy. The crowd gone wild as they were instructed to stare at each other eyes, eye-to-eye for a very long 8 seconds. The first attempt was a fail as both of them burst in to laughter but they complete the task on the second try. It was awesome to know that the fan-boy fly all the way from Indonesia to meet Kang Ha Neul in person for this event! It’s not the end yet as the 26-year-old musical-actor-turned-screen-beau also signed autographs and took group photographs with fans, who expressed their excitement in catching Kang Ha Neul in Scarlet Heart.

Scarlet Heart is one of the most talked-about TV series of the year amongst industry insiders as well as audiences, and is an adaptation of the similarly titled Chinese series, which was said to be the most popular Asian romance period drama to date. For the first time ever, ONE viewers will be able to watch a South Korean drama series at the same time as it is telecast in Korea with subtitles in English, Chinese and Malay – marking a ground-breaking milestone for the top-rated television channel and K-drama fans in the region.

Kang Ha Neul plays the role of the 8th Prince Wang Uk in Scarlet Heart, with whom female lead IU falls in love after she is transported back in time. The scene-stealer has been making waves in the Korean entertainment scene, and recently clinched several Best New Actor awards for his hilarious and charming lead role in the movieTwenty. Kang Ha Neul is joined in the drama by other princes of Goryeo, who are played by Lee Joon Ki, Hong Jong Hyun, Baek Hyun of K-pop boyband EXO, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Ji Soo.

KloseUP would like to thank ONE TV Asia for the invitation.

Event: A Date with Kang Ha Neul in Singapore
Date: 27th August 2016, 5.45pm
Venue: Village Square, Waterway Point, Singapore
Organizer: ONE TV Asia
Written by: Aisy
Photo by: Aisy

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