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Sunday 20 November 2016

South Korean’s Trending Heartthrobs, Lee Jong Suk Visited Singapore for His “VARIETY” Fan Meeting Tour

November is an awesome month for Singaporean K-Drama fans as one of South Korean’s trending heartthrobs, Lee Jong Suk visited Singapore as one of the stop for his “VARIETY” Fan meeting tour! This is his first ever fan meeting in Asia and it is a platform in which fans would get the opportunity to interact and get closer with Lee Jong Suk in person. 

Huge crowd waited since early more as fans turned up to show their support for their adorable actor at Megabox Convention Centre at Bigbox (Level 3) in Singapore at 7.00pm. Lee Jung Suk appears from the elevated stage after the introduction VCR and he in advance, have prepared a few interesting videos for the fans. Scenes of him preparing for his schedules for the day made fans smile and scream with overwhelmed feedback. It was in one of the videos that his poodle was introduced. Lion is his one and only love that was always there to accompany him. Lee Jong Suk said that he named his beloved pet “Lion” because it reminded him of a lion cub. 

The actor also confessed that he does not prefer to meeting fans outside of his schedule because the fans will see him unshaven and sporting a beard but the fans response was the opposite as they shacked their head as they does not mind to meet the actor in such condition. Due to the request from the emcee, Lee Jong Suk got the audience melting in their seats when he was asked to wink. A few second later the fans were attacked by a series of winks from this adorable actor. His big bright smile, paired along with his killer winks melts every each of the fans that was there seeing it live. Lee Jong Suk confesses that he is on a healthy diet as he admitted that a movie director had told him to lose weight for his ongoing project and that why he is trying his best to control his appetite. 

Next segment, the question were all related to his latest appearance in “W – Two World”. Lee Jong Suk found himself attracted to this unique drama as there is a scene in “W – Two World”, where Han Hyo Joo’s character tried to slap him in order to get back to her world. And when nothing changed, she then decided that she had to kiss his character. He think it was something fresh and different from his previous drama. Lee Jong Suk wanted to show a lot during the filming of the drama but he admitted that mistakes were still unavoidable. However, safety was his priority during the action-packed scenes and he actually prefers filming love scenes more to filming action scenes! He was thankful and glad to see the fans face-to-face and it was a great experience for him to be in Singapore. 

Now it is time for the game segment and in the first game Lee Jong Suk need to put together different parts of a graphic woman’s face onscreen with the help of the audience and the end result should be the face of his ideal type of the day! However, fans could not stop laughing as the face of the animated woman on the screen was simply too unrealistic to resemble any human in real life. With no delay the camera search in the crowd for a fan who resembled the actor’s ideal woman of the day. Three fans was chosen but only one remains and was invited up onstage, where the dashing prince charming ushered her to the center of the stage before serenading her with his warm voice. Yes! Lee Jong Suk were on stage singing. The next three lucky fans were invited up on stage for the next game and fans were asked to choose a number out of the five. Each card shows the scene from famous Korean Drama and each fan will get to do with Lee Jong Suk. 

The first lucky fan got a warm back hug from the actor. The next lucky fan gets to take selca (also known as selfie) with Lee Jong Suk and the last lucky fan received a thirty seconds massage from the handsome actor. Lee Jong Suk prepared special gift for the lucky fans too. It has come to the end as Lee Jong Suk wrapped it up with one last song for the fans. The last song is a soundtrack from “Pinocchio”, the drama he starred before with Park Shin Hye! 

KloseUP would like to thank IME Productions for the invitation.

Event: 2016 Lee Jong Suk Fanmeeting “VARIETY” in Singapore
Date: 12th Novemver 2016, 7.00pm
Venue: Megabox Convention Centre at Bigbox (Level 3), Singapore
Written by: Aisy
Photo by: YG Entertainment

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