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Saturday 29 April 2017

A Swarm of 'Bees' Came to Sunsuria City Fest for Block B Bastarz!

We were at Sunsuria City Fest recently which was held on 22nd and 23rd April 2017, in commemoration with the grand launch of Sunsuria City Celebration Centre. A number of interactive activities and entertainment were also prepared such as bicycle stunts and buskers on Day 1 (22nd April). Moreover, a mini concert in the evening featured an anticipating artistes line-up such as Dennis Lau, Sheila Majid, Ah Niu, Fish Leong and all the way from South Korea, Block B's sub-unit, Block B Bastarz as the last act of the stage.

Block B Bastarz, which comprises of members B-Bomb, U-Kwon and P.O, performed a four-song set which includes "Make It Rain", "Charlie Chaplin", "That's Right" and "Conduct Zero". The group's appearance attracted a group of BBCs (Block B's fanclub name) to the concert whereby they even prepared a banner fan project to warmly welcome the group to the shore. This was the group's second visit to Malaysia after four years.

During the short interview with the members, member B-Bomb said, "I'm really happy to be in Malaysia to meet our fans and I've wanted to see them as soon as possible". Member P.O mentioned that he was shocked to see the amount of fans that came to the concert and feeling thankful of their presence. U-Kwon also mentioned that their fans' reactions are passionate, just like how hot Malaysia's weather is. Before leaving the stage with their last song, member P.O extend his apology for not being able to perform much for the fans that night and also for not being able to visit Malaysia often but felt grateful for the presence of the fans that night. The day was wrapped up with a firework show.

KloseUP would like to thank Sunsuria for inviting us to the event.

Event: Sunsuria City Fest featuring Block B's Bastarz
Date: 22nd April 2017, 8.00pm
Venue: Sunsuria City Celebration Centre
Organizer: Sunsuria
 Written by : Amira Hasni
Photo by : Amira Hasni
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