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Saturday 9 September 2017

MXM LIM YOUNGMIN X KIM DONGHYUN has released their 1st Mini Album “UNMIX”! The album pre-order exceed 30,000 copies in Korea!

The rising Brand New Music duo- Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun participated in the second season of the survival reality show Produce 101 and since then they gained a lot of attention. After the reality show ended, both of them debut as a project unit. The unit is called MXM. On July 27, they released a two-track promotional single titled "Good Day" and it was a hit! Now, MXM officially debut on Sept 6 with their 1st Mini Album 《UNMIX》!

Even though MXM is a new debuting unit, however their 1st mini album has already surpassed 30,000 copies in just pre-orders, they were even named as “Rising Stars” by Korean media, once again proving their popularity! Recently in MXM V-Live, more than 90,000 fans were watching their live broadcast!

In their recent interview with 《1stLook》, MXM revealed about their ideal girl types. When asked whether Lim Young Min prefers older girls or younger girls, without hesitant he answered: “Girls who are older than me”. Meanwhile, Kim Dong Hyun kept insisting that he doesn’t like mini-skirt. He says:” Wearing long dresses can be beautiful too!” This shows his dominancy towards his future girlfriend.

MXM 1st Mini Album 《UNMIX》 is now available on all Malaysia’s streaming platform, followed by their physical releases. For more information, stay tuned to Warner Music Malaysia(Kpop/中文) Facebook page

Check out their debut music video, 'I'm The One' below!

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