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Monday 7 May 2018

The boys of MXM, Im Youngmin and Kim Donghyun are finally here in Malaysia

The duo group have been gaining attention from a lot of fans, not only in Korea, but overseas las well including Malaysia, since their participation in the survival reality show, Produce 101 Season 2. On Monday morning, as a build up to their KL fanmeeting on Tuesday, they sat with the members of the media for a little Q&A session. Below are the extract of the fanmeeting:

MXM Q&A Session

MC: How do you think about the Malaysian fans?
YM: This is our first time in Malaysia, and before we come, whenever we post something on our SNS we can see that there are a lot of Malaysian fans wanted to meet us so I feel happy to be here.

MC: Youngmin, you lived in Singapore for 5 years when you were little, what do you think the difference between Malaysia and Singapore?
YM: I was born and raised in Singapore until I was 5 years old, but because I was too young I do not have much memories being there, Im sorry.

MC: What do you want MXM music concept to be and do you have any concept you want to try?
DH: We did funky, tropical, before so I would like to try band concept. Also, because our label is a hip hop label so well try our best to make our label proud.

MC: Donghyun, since you said you want try band concept, is there any instruments you can play?
DH: Im not really good at it but Im currently practicing guitar and piano.

MC: If MXM were to do a collaboration, which artist do you want to collaborate with?
YM: Park Jaebum (Jay Park) sunbaenim, I listen to his music a lot so I would like to have a collaboration with him one day.
DH: I would like (to collaborate with) Park Hyoshin sunbaenim, or Crush sunbaenim or Bolppalgan Sachungi sunbaenim.

MC: Do you have any plan to make another collaboration as YDPP?
YM: We are grateful that we received overwhelming response from fans as YDPP but unfortunately we still have no plan (for another collaboration). But it would be nice if it could happen again in the future.

MC: Park Woojin and Lee Daehwi are currently promoting with with Wanna One, do you have anything you want to say to them?
MXM: I want to say they are doing great and it would be good if we can be together in the future.

MC: Please say a few words to your Malaysian fans.
YM: Yesterday when we exit the airport, there were a lot of Malaysian fans waiting for us, actually, we knew that there were a lot of our fans here even when we were in Korea, but when we see them at the airport happily greeting us I felt really good, and Im looking forward to tomorrow (fanmeeting), and I want to show my best and good performances tomorrow so we can capture our Malaysian fans hearts even more.

MC: What do you think the difference between your previous album Match Up and the latest album, Rematch?
MXM: In Rematch, I think we showed our maturity and calmness more.

MC: How do you find the change from the funkier Diamond Girl to the calm Gone Cold? Was it difficult for you?
MXM: Diamond Girl is actually a song that we want to convey to our fans, to answer their love for us.

MC: What is your inspiration when you are writing the songs/lyrics for the songs?
DH: I usually got inspirations from movies, dramas, and even poems. In dramas, the relationships or connections between the people in the drama inspires me.

MC: What do you want your fans to remember MXM for?
YM: I want them to remember us as idol that have bright energy and talented.
DH: For me, I want them to remember us as idol who gives comfort to their fans.
MC: Please tell us a secret about each other that the fans do not know.
DH: (about YM) Youngmin hyung currenty is into film camera.
YM: (about DH) Fans knew Donghyun as someone who has a big appetite but lately he do not eat as much anymore.

MC: Do you actually check your SNS and the comments?
MXM: There are a lot of messages and letters for us in the fancafe, and even when we post something on our SNS, there were lot of comments but we practically read a lot of them.

There are a lot of fans who cant wait to finally see their performance live Tuesday evening, us included. (⌒▽⌒) So for MXM fans who want to see them perform live, head over to HGH Convention Centre, 6pm, for their MXM Match Up Fanmeeting in Kuala Lumpur. See you there.

Event: MXM MATCH UP Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur Press Conference
Date:30th April 2018, 10.30am
Venue: Carlton 6, Ritz Carlton
Organizer: IME Productions
Written by : Aimankyuichi
Photo by : Hudjayhoon
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