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Sunday 1 December 2019

OnlyOneOf Choose Malaysia as the Very First Stop for Their Overseas Tour

OnlyOneOf, KPOP rookie group debuted May this year finally here in Malaysia for their very first overseas tour. Happening in Fahrenheit88 and Sunway Velocity on 23rd November 2019 and Sungei Wang Plaza on 24th November 2019, OnlyOneOf kick started the showcase with their debut title track song, “Savanna”. 

They started to do their individual introduction after the first performance. OnlyOneOf then continued the showcase with their double debut track “Time Leap” for both day and they mesmerize the fans with the sexy performance of “bOss”. Now it’s time for the ment as the emcee come up with a few questions for the boys such as ‘You have just finished your first reality show, “Unlocking Love”. Is there any variety show that you wish to feature on in the future’ and the leader, Love answered they are still very excited with their first variety show and if they get the chance to do any other show it would be their pleasure to do so. They were also asked ‘what the most spontaneous thing they have ever do?’ and KB reply that the first thing he do spontaneously is to think of the fans. He’s a sweet guy isn’t it? They were also asked ‘from the recent participation in the dating show, “Unlocking Love”, what is OnlyOneOf’s suggestion for a confession song?;’ and Junji suggest “OnlyOneOf You” as the romance confession song and he even sang a few lines of the song! 

Next up is the game segment and OnlyOneOf is on a hunt mission to choose three lucky fans to join them on stage and they were chosen by the emcee. They play Stack Attack for the showcase in Fahrenheit88 where each group must create a pyramid with the paper cup provided and they play Shall We Dance for both showcase at Sunway Velocity and Sungei Wang Plaza. The members and the lucky fans chosen the song from the pick lots and they were given one minute to practice. It’s sure is an intense dance battle as the boys try their best to teach the fans some of the dance step of songs chosen.

Sungei Wang Plaza witnesses a special event prepared for two of OnlyOneOf’s members, Rie and Nine as their birthday is just around the corner and both of them were very surprised and amazed by the special event made for them as fans are waving the slogan up high for them and they were presented with a sweet fruit cake. The show continues with an energetic dance cover performance by our local artist known by 404 and they also performed their very own song “Lonely”. 

OnlyOneOf are back on stage with the next performance of a slow ballad song “Time Machine”. Later on they continued with the ment where OnlyOneOf were asked to give a special speech to the fans. Nine were very thankful and he didn’t expected that the fans would celebrate his birthday here in Malaysia while Love show gratitude to the fans and promise will work harder to produce good music for the fans and probably they might come again to Malaysia in the future.

It has come to the end as “Sage구원” is the final song for both showcases. OnlyOneOf appeared again for the Photo Session with fans and wrapped up the showcase with an autograph session soon after. KloseUP would like to thank Yi Pin Studio for the invitation. 

Event: OnlyOneOf Hit The Line Tour in Malaysia 2019
Date: 23rd November 2019, 2.00pm/7.30pm /  24th November 2019, 1.00pm
Venue: Fahrenheit88 / Sunway Velocity / Sungei Wang Plaza
Organizer: YiPin Studio
Written by : Aisy
Photo by : Aisy

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