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Sunday 27 October 2013

Fans Moved In Key with MIK On Their First Visit To Malaysia!

New Pro Star Sdn. Bhd. brought Kim Jong Kook to the shore for a fanmeeting earlier this year. Recently, the same organiser brought rookie group, MIK (also known as Move In Key), to the shore for a fanmeeting at Subang Jaya as well as Segamat! Consists of U-Shin, C-Zero, Jay & Sakoo, these boys debuted with "떠나버려 (Get Away)" in July and appeared on music programs for the first time in August. This group, that could be the next big thing, surprised the audiences at both fanmeet venues with their talents!

It was at The Summit USJ where the fans gathered. It was a surprise to see a lot of fans came with placards with the boys' names on them! The fanmeet started an hour late as they were all the way from Segamat for a fanmeet conducted earlier. Local singer, Virus Wu, was the opening act as she mesmerized us with a cover song of P!NK's "Just Give Me A Reason" and Mizz Nina ft Jay Park's "Around The World". MC, Jaycee conducted a mini Q&As to select 8 lucky fans for mini games that they were going to play with MIK! MIK finally appeared on the stage with "떠나버려 (Get Away)", followed by a performance from C-Zero, a cover song of "Isn't She Lovely". The lad captivated us with his high note! Sakoo, who is a fluent English speaker, expressed his feeling to be in Malaysia. MIK then introduced themselves. 

Leader, U-Shin said "너무 아름답다 (Very beautiful) prior to the question on how Malaysia is to him. He even loved the weather and said "사랑합니다 (I love you)" as an answer to the surprisingly large crowd at the fanmeeting, full with enthusiastic fans. C-Zero even said that Nasi Lemak (Malaysia's local delicacy) is delicious as well as the chili crab. Sakoo said that they would like to promote K-Pop (Korean Pop) globally and would like to influence the fans with K-Pop music. When was asked on what does each member represent or in-charge of, U-Shin answered that he's is in-charge of the 'sexy' of the group, or should we say the 'sexy' member, while Jay is the 'handsome' one, C-Zero is the 'strong vocal' while maknae (youngest member), Sakoo as the 'cute' member. The fans started to chant "귀여미 (Gwiyomi)", asking the maknae to perform the famous "Gwiyomi Player". The audiences cringed, thanks to the cuteness shown by Sakoo!

It was 1st session of the mini game with lucky selected fans. Each member then hugged the fans except for Sakoo who was shy. All the fans then received autographed album and poster each. Afterwards, the group performed a cover of Big Bang's 2012 hit track, "Fantastic Baby". During "우리는", U-Shin fell while doing a handstand but he managed to get back into the track! They then moved onto the 2nd session of mini game with 4 selected lucky fans. Lucky fans were able to have the chance to actually sit on the members' lap! 

MIK then took a commemorative photo with the guests of honours. U-Shin was thankful to see a lot of fans who came to catch them live and once again said "사랑합니다 (I love you)". The boys even said "Jumpa lagi (See you soon)". The fanmeet was wrapped up successfully with fansign for 100 lucky winners.

Event: MIK Fans meeting - 1st Malaysia Promo Tour 2013
Date: 26th October 2013 , 7.30pm
Venue: The Summit Subang USJ
Written by: Amira Hasni
Photographer: Aisy | Amira Hasni


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