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Monday 4 November 2013

2013/2014 LeeSsang 1st Asia Showcase In Malaysia

This event is the Leessang’s first showcase in Asia. Leessang is one of the most popular hip-hop duos in Korea. Last year in 2012, Leessang’s nation wide concert tour across 10 cities in Korea was a huge success with all tickets sold out within minutes, proving Leessang’s popularity as a hip-hop artist. In 2013, Leessang successfully ran their first concert in New York and LA, with their broadening fan base worldwide.

Apparently, Gary and Gill from Leessang are more popular as an entertainer in Asia, thanks to the popular variety shows, “Running Man” and “Infinity Challenge”. However, if you want to see Gary and Gil, one of the most loved hip-hop artists in Korea, do not miss this showcase. And it is Leessang’s 1st showcase in Malaysia. 

Profile of Leessang

Leessang is a Korea’s iconic hip-hop duo with Gary (Kang Heegun) and Gill (Gil Sungjoon).

Their latest single album, “Tears” in 2013 was a collaboration with “Double-side Kick”. The song was ranked number 1 inall the Korean music charts upon release. Leessang produced all their 8 albums - as of now - on their own, showing their artistic talent as a musician. Each album released was a hot issue, topping all the music charts in Korea. 

Now, Gary is earning fame across Asia thanks to the Korea’s hit variety show, “Running Man”. Fans in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing were lucky to see Gary recently through “Running Man” fan meeting. Gill is also a co-emcee for “Infinity Challenge”, the most popular variety show in Korea, loved by a lot of fans with his friendly character. 

Meet Leessang on January 11, 2014

Leessang has continuously shown their artistic talent and charisma as a musician in the past 10 years; and fans also love their friendly attitude shown through a variety show program. Leessang has never failed to entertain fans on their stage, giving the best performancethat fans will never forget. On January 11, 2014, we will see Leessang broadening their horizon to the world from Korea.

Seating Plan:

The organizer have release the official poster for the showcase in Thailand. Malaysia's official poster will be updates soon.

Official video massage from LeeSsang

Source : my.Leessang

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