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Monday 9 December 2013

Boys Republic, The Ultimate Highlight of 'Time To U.O.X 2013 Party'

Under the management of Universal Music Korea, Boys Republic came down to the shore for the first time ever as they were invited for the recently held 'Time To U.O.X 2013 Party', organised by Xpax. 'Time To U.O.X 2013 Party' was held for the first time ever, targeting young adults by 'granting their wishes' to have their own party of the year chose by themselves! Venues, theme as well as artiste to perform are chosen by the partygoers themselves!

With the theme of 'pop up party', the party was held at KL Tower Ground on 6th December with a performers line-up of Malaysia's homegrown, Elecoldxhot, Aweera & Aizat. Featuring a famous beatboxer from Japan, Daichi and highlight of the party, South Korea's rookie group, Boys Republic.

Elecoldxhot was the opening act as they performed a couple performances, showcasing their ultra cool dance moves and superb choreography! Malaysia is indeed proud for having them as one of Malaysia's greatest dance group! (That definitely explains on their recent trip to Las Vegas for 2013 Hip Hop International Adult Division World Hip Hop Dance Championship Finals as these boys took home a bronze medal!)

Next up, Aweera from 'One In A Million' Season 3 hit up the stage! This rocker lad who won third place in the reality tv show performed a few songs from his rock band, Mojo. He absolutely wowed the audiences with his powerful voice!

It's time to pump up the night as beatboxer, Daichi came all the way from Japan and made the audiences' jaws dropped the whole time! The cute lad with a red fedora showcased his ultimate beatbox talent non-stop! It was indeed amazing to see him performing live.

As the highlight of the party approaching, from Akademi Fantasia Season 3, Aizat with his bandmates appeared on the stage and performed a few songs including the hit song, "Sungai Lui". He praised the crowd for being supporting towards him and his bandmates. His jazzy songs soothed the warm night.

All the way from South Korea, rookie male group Boys Republic appeared on the stage dashingly, accompanied with screams of the female fans! The five Korean lads started to perform an intro of "I'm Ready", followed by "넌 내게 특별해 (You Are Special)". The boys then introduced themselves and expressed their feelings on their first visit to Malaysia. They then performed "뭐하러" & "Special Girl". The screams of the female fans kept on echoing the party venue! No doubt on that as it was a surprise to see a quite large crowds of Royal Family (Boys Republic fans) at the party! Boys Republic then performed an encore, as well as the closing performance of the anticipated party, of their debut single, "전화해 집에 (Party Rock)".

Event: Xpax "Time To U.O.X 2013" Party
Date: 6th December 2013 , 8.00pm
Venue: KL Tower Grounds
Organizer: XPAX
Written by: Amira Hasni
Photo by: Aisy


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