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Thursday 12 December 2013

Malaysian Fans Were Ready For Boys Republic First Showcase in Malaysia!

8th December 2013 was indeed a commemorative date for the Royal Family (Boys Republic fans) as South Korean rookie male group, Boys Republic came down to our shore for the first time ever, for 4 days and 3 nights, to promote their just released first mini album, “Identity”. Led by leader, OneJunn, 소년공화국 or Boys Republic comprises of 5 members that includes Sungjun, Minsu, Dabin and Suwoong. These dashing lads who are under Universal Music Korea fulfilled the Malaysian fans’ wishes as various activities, aside from the showcase, were held such as private bowling session as well as a day tour with lucky selected fans!

Those who got themselves a copy of Malaysian edition of “Identity” worth RM39.90 at selected stores will entitled to two normal passes to gain access to the exclusive showcase! It was at Bentley Music in Mutiara Damansara where the fans, who were mostly female, witnessed the exciting performances and surprising games on stage! Not forget to mention, autograph session was conducted for those who bought a copy of the album! Another surprise event came in as the first 50 who came to the showcase with a copy of the album will entitled to the meet & greet session (photograph session)! 

Meet & greet session was conducted earlier for VIP ticket holders as well as the first 50 fans who came to the showcase with a copy of “Identity” mini album. The showcase started an hour late. A VCR was shown on the big screen, introducing the members of the group. Boys Republic appeared on the stage with an impressive dance performance of “Basketball” and Justin Bieber’s “Beauty And A Beat”, followed by a performance of their debut single, “전화해 집에 (Party Rock)”. The quintet group then introduced themselves and express their feelings to be in Malaysia for the first time. To get closer to the fans, the boys played a mini game with 5 lucky selected fans. Participants have to copy the ‘guitar move’ from the choreography of “넌 내게 특별해 (You Are Special)” and the best participant wins! The first place winner who received a thunderous applause and screams from the fans won himself a cosmetic set of Bloop. 

Boys Republic continued to perform “Special Girl” that captivated the attention of the audiences with their cute moves. It was time for the second game with another 5 lucky selected fans as the boys were asked to put on makeup on their fans and the best makeup makeover wins! Suwoong did a little mishap with the eyeliner that he put on his partner’s face! The couple surprisingly received positive response from the crowds and they eventually won the mini game. “뭐하러 (What Up)” was up next. The showcase hasn’t end yet as the fans were shouting for an encore! VCR which was a compilation clips from their tv show, SBS MTV “Rookie King” was shown.

The members then appeared on the stage once again and performed an intro of “I’m Ready” as well as their latest single, “넌 내게 특별해 (You Are Special)”. They also prepared a special event where the audiences were asked to perform two moves to the beat of “L.I.U” (psst, we believe it will be featured in their latest YouTube video!). The showcase successfully wrapped up with an autograph session for those who bought the album.

Event: Boys Republic "I'm Ready" Showcase in Malaysia
Date: 8th December 2013 , 6.00pm
Venue: Bentley Music Auditorium, Mutiara Damansara
Written by: Amira Hasni
Photo by: Aisy


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