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Tuesday 7 January 2014

Greetings From ZE:A!

Proudly brought to you by Naza Kia Malaysia, ZE:A is now back to greet Malaysian ZEAs for the third time. With the success of their 'Illusion' album released in August 2013, they will be holding their first full scale concert in Seoul, and thanks to organizers "360 Studio Worldwide" and "Hallyu Entertainment" is bringing a piece of the concert to Malaysia for ZE:As in South East Asia.
A familiar face among Malaysian fans, ZE:A is a 9-member Korean Male group debuted in 2010 under Star Empire Entertainment. Led by Team Leader Moon Jun Young, the group members consists of Kim Ji Yeop or better known as Kevin, Hwang Kwang Hee, Jung Hee Chul, Kim Tae Heon, Im Woong Jae a.k.a. Siwan, Ha Min Woo, Park Hyung Shik, and Kim Dong Jun. The latest album 'Illusion' released in August 2013, reached Top 10 in Korea album charts, and the title song 'Ghost Of The Wind' is their most successful single to date, reaching Top 30 in Korea.

Good news for fans, the lovable guys have prepared various activities including Fan Signing, Group Photography, and Hi-5 Session.

360 Studio Worldwide and Hallyu Entertainment are also very excited to announce that the first 50 tickets sold at Illusion RM 348, will be given a confirmed pass to the Photograph Session. The next 50 tickets sold at Illusion RM 348, will be given a confirmed pass to the Autograph Session.

This good news isn't just limited to Illusion ticket holders. The first 280 tickets sold at Spectacular RM 248, will be given a confirmed pass to the Hi-5 Session!
The New Year prizes don't end there! ZE:A is giving 9 fans the chance to win one of their costumes. Each costume will be handed over to the winner by each ZE:A member and also be given a personal hug and a chat with the boys! Could the start of 2014 get any better?
ZE:A's, don't miss out on such an amazing opportunity!

All passes will be reserved for first come, first serve basis.

Get your tickets on Don't miss out their amazing performances, surprises and games that they have prepared in store for you.

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