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Monday 2 January 2017

Royal Pirates Invited as Judge for The Grand Finals of ASQ 2016 + Exclusive Interview!

Astro recently wrapped up the year of 2016 with the biggest countdown concert in town, featuring hottest K-Pop, Taiwanese and local superstars, and also for the grand finals of annual survival show, Astro Star Quest (ASQ) 2016, where the 20th champion would be crowned in front of the audience!

The concert took place at Central Park, Desa Park City which attracted a huge crowd, supporting their favourite contestants. Korean-American rock band, the Royal Pirates, whom guested as one of the judges and performers also attracted a few of their avid fans whom were spotted with official Royal Pirates slogans!

The final contestants, Eugene, Steve, William, Wengdyy and Brian showcased their best ever in a few spectacular and action-packed performances. Usage of unique props and creative stage ideas for each performances literally wow-ed us! One of the awaited performances was definitely a live band stage performance by Royal Pirates! The trio performed 'Drawing The Lines' and 'Dangerous'. The concert wrapped up with countdown to the year 2017 and crowning contestant, Wengdyy as the champion of the ASQ 2016!

During an interview with the Royal Pirates regarding of the contestants' epic performances and Wengdyy crowned as winner, the members were happy with the results and became fans of her. Moon also mentioned that he loved Brian's performances and it was a tough guess on whom would be crowned as the winner. The members also mentioned that Wengdyy's values as an artist, which are her uniqueness and own colour, makes them looking forward to see Wengdyy's future as a singer. Member James also mentioned that he was impressed when Wengdyy finished her stage professionally despite the wardrobe malfunction she had during one of the performances.

KloseUP would like to thank Astro for inviting us to an epic concert that left us with memorable experiences!

Event: The Grand Finals of Astro Star Quest (ASQ) 2016 feat. Royal Pirates
Date: 31st December 2016, 8.00pm
Venue: Central Park, Desa ParkCity
Organizer: ASTRO
Written by: Amira Hasni
Photo by: IzanChans
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