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Saturday 26 May 2018

TWICE Successfully Kicked Off Their 2nd Tour “TWICELAND ZONE 2: FANTASY PARK” in Korea

Pic: JYP Ent

• Special Stages for Fans - Transformed into Rain, Taecyeon, Beyonce
• Eye Catching Amusement Park’s Concept
• Attracted 18,000 fans to their 3-days concert


JYP Entertainment’s girl group TWICE held a successful 3 days concert at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, Seoul from 18 May to 20 May. The concert was attended by over 18,000 fans, not only from Korea but also international fans from all over the world.

They performed a 3 hours set of 30 songs consisting of all the hit songs since their debut such as as Like Ooh Ahh, Knock Knock, What Is Love, TT, Heart Shaker and more. Fans also showed their ethusiam by waving their Candy Bongs (name of their official lightsticks) simultaneously and singing along to all the songs throughout the concert.

Pic: JYP Ent

TWICE’s leader Jihyo who was moved by the beautiful scene said, “I think the Candy Bongs today is the prettiest among these 3 days”. She added, “I felt really touched as I saw this scene the moment we got on the stage”.

Pic: JYP Ent

Another section of the concert that caught the fans’ attention was the special stages. The girls covered several famous songs such as BoA’s Valenti, Rain’s Ranism, Baek Ji Young and Taecyon’s My Ears Candy, Beyonce’s End Of The Time, and Wax’s Oppa.

By using the concept of amusement park and with the combination of TWICE’s fancy performances, the girls had taken the audience to the world of fantasy just like a scene in the fairy tale world. Meanwhile, the twinkling light from fans’ candy bongs was as though flowers that were swaying in the wind.

Pic: JYP Ent

TWICE will continue their tour in Japan and also will be bringing the fantasy park to Malaysia as well. This will be TWICE’s first official visit to Malaysia.

Ignited by XPAX, TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park in Kuala Lumpur will be held at Malawati Indoor Stadium on 28 July 2018, 8.30pm. The concert tickets are still available but selling fast. Fans can still purchase the tickets (of certain zones) at

Source : IME Productions
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