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Friday 25 May 2018

YJ PARTNERS Announces Second Wave of Ticket Sales to go Live on 20 June 2018

Kuala Lumpur, 23 May 2018 - Good news for Malaysian Wannables! YJ PARTNERS has announced the release of a second wave of tickets for the Wanna One World Tour <ONE: THE WORLD> in Kuala Lumpur. When the first round of tickets went on sale, fans rushed to grab seats - leaving quite a few upset that they had missed out on a chance for seats in their desired category. But those fans have one more chance at those tickets as the second wave go on sale online this Wednesday, 20 June 2018.

Fans can expect to see tickets from all zones with this new release. Some Wannables have voiced their concerns about the standing zones of the venue getting overcrowded with this announcement. However, they need not worry. The standing zone ticket amounts were set according to the arena’s capacity set by the regulatory body. We are not opening more tickets for the additional tier of ticket sales so overcrowding will definitely not be an issue since tickets we are selling were secured through the revision of the stage plan.

Unfortunately, fans who have already purchased their tickets to the show will not be able to exchange them with those from the second wave of tickets.

Tickets purchased online can be redeemed at the Axiata Arena Box Office from 3rd July 2018 on Tuesday to Friday between the times of 11am - 8pm. The Box Office will also be open on the day of the concert from 12:30pm to 8:30pm. Those who purchase a ticket online, must have it redeemed - fans will not be allowed into the arena without a printed ticket from the ticketing vendor. 

Ticket categories and prices (exclusive of a RM4 processing fee):
  • VIP (SEAT): RM798
  • CAT 1 (STANDING): RM768
  • CAT 1 (SEAT): RM768
  • CAT 2: RM668
  • CAT 3: RM568
  • CAT 4: RM368

For more information, please visit YJ PARTNERS’ official SNS:

YJ Partners, along with local partner IMC Live Group, will be presenting the one-night only show at 8pm, 21 July 2018 in Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur.

For any ticketing-related questions, please direct them to

Frequently Asked Questions 

2nd Wave Ticket Opening 
  • Why is there a second wave ticket sale? / Why are you selling more tickets? 
Second tier of ticket sales is being proceeded through careful and thorough discussion with the production team. Now that we have made those arrangements, we are free to open up the remaining tickets for fans. 

  • Does this mean that you are adding more people to the standing zones? 
We would like to emphasize that we are not adding more audience over the maximum capacity of the crowd. We are not opening more tickets for the additional tier of ticket sales so overcrowding will definitely not be an issue since tickets we are selling were secured through the revision of the stage plan. You will be able to purchase these tickets in this second tier of ticket sales. 

  • How do you ensure that there is no over-crowding issue in standing zone? 
We have allocated the number of standing zone tickets based on the approved capacity of the arena set by the regulatory body (Bomba). This is for the safety and comfort of concert-goers. We are not allowed, nor do we want, to oversell tickets within these zones for your protection.

  • I have already purchased tickets but I did not get the most ideal seat number, can I exchange my tickets? 
Unfortunately, we do not allow exchanging of tickets. It will be very challenging to ensure this is done in an orderly manner and there is a high chance that tickets will get mixed up leading to potential multiple prints of the same ticket. 

  • Can I upgrade my ticket to another category with this second wave ticket sales? 
No, this will not be possible as per the terms and conditions set by the event organizer and official ticketing company. 

Scalpers Management 
  • What are the measures taken to ensure tickets that have been confiscated from scalpers and put back to the system will not be purchased by scalpers? 
We will work together with our ticketing partner MyTicket to investigate all traces of scalp activities. Once there is concrete proof of the tickets being re-sold at a higher value than its original price, we will proceed to void the tickets. We will identify the information used by the scalpers to purchase tickets and block these accounts from purchasing any other tickets. 

  • Will you ban reported scalpers from purchasing tickets during second wave ticket sales? 
There is no fool-proof way to stop scalpers from purchasing tickets during the second wave. What we can do is we will investigate and void any tickets found to be resold at a higher value than its original cost. 

  • Could you explain how scalpers buy more six tickets at a time? I thought there was a limit of six tickets per transaction.
All transactions are limited to a maximum of 6 tickets regardless it was online or onsite at the ticket launch. There are no exceptions to this rule, so it could be that scalpers were working together in syndicates to purchase large number of tickets. 

  • Why did your crew allow scalpers to enter the on-ground ticket launch before everyone else? 
Unfortunately, there is no way for us to tell which of the people lined up outside are scalpers. To ensure we keep order and fans as safe as possible, we had to respect the line system and allow those who queued up first to be let into the venue first. 

  • Who are at risks of getting their tickets voided? Will my ticket get voided if I resell it to my friend or a willing buyer? 
We understand that sometimes plans change and you have to let go of your tickets to another person. This is absolutely fine as long as the tickets are not sold at a higher value than the original price. We are only catching tickets that are being sold at ridiculously high prices that takes advantage of desperate fans. We urge fans NOT to buy tickets from unauthorized agents or third-parties as you will not be sure if the tickets are valid or voided. 

Standing Zone Management 
  • Why can’t you print queue number on standing zone tickets when seating zone all comes with seat numbers? 
While we would like to do that, please note there will still be queue numbers issued to every VIP (Standing) and CAT 1 (Standing) ticket according to the sequence of purchase (“first-buy-first-queue”). 

  • Is there a queue number for VIP and CAT 1 standing zone? 
Yes. There will be queue numbers issued to every VIP (Standing) and CAT 1 (Standing) ticket according to the sequence of purchase (“first-buy-first-queue”). 

  • When will you be able to share the queue number with us?
We will share the queue numbers closer to the date of the concert. We are taking the necessary measures to prevent forgeries on concert day - one of those measures is to keep this information discreet. Do rest assured that the queue numbers will be given fairly according to the sequence of purchase. We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter. 

  • What are the measures taken to ensure the queue management on the concert day will be well organised? 
We will arrange for multiple booths to be set up for redemption of queue number according to your standing pens. Fans will be given a wristband with their queue number printed on it and will be lead into the arena based on these numbers. 

  • If tickets were purchased on the same day and time, how will you be able to determine the queue sequence? 
We will use the transaction details given by our ticketing partner to assign the queue number accordingly. The earlier you purchased your tickets, the smaller your queue number will be. 

  • How do I collect the queue numbers on the concert day? 
You will need to present your physical ticket at the queue number booth. For tickets purchased online, please collect your physical tickets from the box office prior to collecting your queue numbers. More details on start time of collection will be released closer to the event date. 

  • Is there a cut-off time for the queue or to enter the standing pen? 
There will be set timings for VIP and CAT 1 standing pen ticket holders to join the queue and to enter the standing pen in batches. If you miss your queue timing or number to enter the standing pen (e.g. late to arrive at the queue or collect your queue number from the booth), you can only enter at a suitable break between batches or with another batch. We will release these timings closer to the concert date. 

  • Will fans who get to enjoy the soundcheck benefit cut the queue and be in the hall first? 
Don’t worry. Fans who will be let in on the soundcheck session will be escorted out of the venue after soundcheck and asked to re-join the queue according to their queue number. 

Fan Benefits 
  • Will you be able to offer more benefits for VIP buyers?
It is more likely for VIP ticket purchasers to win the fan promotion and we have managed to secure more fan benefits via YJ’s SNS announcement. Please check below SNS for more information. For more information, please visit YJ PARTNERS’ official SNS: 

Other General Questions 
  • Who do I contact if I’m faced with these issues? 
(i) Ticket related issues
You can direct your questions to the official ticketing company: MyTicket Asia. 
(ii) Scalper related issues
Please contact our partners at 

  • Is there a barricade between VIP and CAT 1 zone?
The four standing pens are all individual barricaded pens. 

Where can those who purchased tickets online redeem the physical/printed tickets? 
Those who purchased tickets online can redeem their printed tickets at the Axiata Arena Box Office, Tuesdays to Fridays, from 11am - 8pm as of 3 July 2018 onwards. On the concert day, MyTicket.Asia box office will operate from 12:30pm to 8:30pm. We encourage fans (especially VIP and CAT 1 standing pen ticket holders) to collect their physical tickets before the concert date so as to avoid any long queues and missing your entry timing! 

Please bring along;-
1. The credit card you used to purchase your tickets 
2. Tax invoice 

If the purchase was made by a third party, kindly bring along the below for collection: 
1. Photocopy of the original credit card holder that was used for the transaction 
2. An appointment letter signed by the credit card owner 
3. Photocopy of your IC or passport 
4. Tax invoice 

  • Can I choose not to redeem the physical tickets?
No. Every audience will need to have a physical ticket to enter the concert. You will not be allowed entry without a physical ticket.

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